Gurutze Frades wins the Euskadi Cross Country Championship 

Gurutze Frades, the last winner of IRONMAN Cozumel, has been crowned champion in the Euskadi Cross Country Championship, covering the 10 km in an impressive time of 41:21.  

This victory not only marks a great start to their 2024 season, but also reflects the quality that triathletes have in all forms of competition. 

Position  Athlete  Time 
1  Gurutze Frades  41:21 
2  Oihane Irusta  41:33 
3  Izaro Aranburu  41:39 

 In the male category, Urko Herran He won with authority, completing the race in an outstanding time of 32:58. 

Position  Athlete  Time 
1  Urko Herran  32:58 
2  Ibai Larrera  33:02 
3  Ander Ortiz  33:06 

Gurutze Frades, at 42 years old, does not consider herself a pure-bred athlete, but her passion and dedication have led her to be a prominent figure in the world of triathlon. 

Despite the triumphs, Guru expressed sadness at the atmosphere of the event, noting that despite the athletes' effort and passion, the event felt bleak and indifferent.  

En Instagram commented the following :

“If last year the Bizkaia txapela made me very excited, this year the Euskadi one fills me with pride. I am not an athlete, and I always feel like an intruder in this sport, but I have had many championships under my belt and I already recognize myself as part of these events.  

So what I have achieved makes me very happy. I have had a very good day, since I arrived I have really liked the place where the test was held and the competition has developed in a way that I have been able to control and enjoy a lot. 

I'm happy to start with the first numbers of the season and that things are going well. 

It has been a good morning of cross country, also climbing to the top as a club✊ 

It's a shame that despite all the athletes who have passed through Gamarra today giving their best, the event feels so bleak and indifferent, this makes me very sad"

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