The Paris games are approaching and Gustav Iden unable to run 

Just over six months before the long-awaited Paris Olympic Games, the triathlon world is in suspense over the situation of Gustav Iden.  

The Norwegian champion, who has marked a before and after in the sport, faces a crucial challenge: recovering from an Achilles tendon injury that threatens his participation in the event. 

2023 was a year of contrasts for Iden. After his historic victory in Kona in 2022, with a time of 7:40:24, his life took an unexpected turn.  

The loss of his mother and a series of disappointing short distance results marked a difficult year.  

His participation in the PTO Asia Open ended abruptly due to a fall, adding more adversity to his career. 

Preparation for Paris 2024  

In his quest for Olympic glory, Iden He has traveled to Morocco, with the Norwegian delegation, where his training has focused on swimming, his weak point before the injury.  

He has made significant progress in this segment, although the injury has prevented him from performing at his best in cycling and running. 

Form and Injury  

The Achilles tendon injury has been a constant obstacle for Iden.  

His own words reflect the uncertainty and pain he has faced, leading him to seek treatment in Germany. This setback calls into question his ability to compete at the highest level in Paris. 

In any case, he has already commented on his intention to return to Kona again.  The countdown to Paris continues, and with it, the uncertainty about the participation of Gustav Iden.

His determination and talent are indisputable, but time and his injury will be the final judge of his fate at the Olympic Games.

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