Half Madrid 2024 opens registrations 

Madrid is preparing to host one of the most anticipated competitions by the triathlete community: the Half Madrid.  

This event, which will take place on 9 June of 2024, It promises to be an exciting test where hundreds of triathletes will enjoy the tours through the city of Madrid. 

The Half Madrid is distinguished by its spectacular route, which takes place in the emblematic Casa de Campo and the Puente del Rey, giving participants an unparalleled view of the city.  

Registrations for half and standard distances are now open, inviting triathletes from all over the world to be part of this exciting competition. 

The circuits


    • Standard Distance: Triathletes will have to complete 1.500 meters of swimming, divided into two laps.  
    • Half Distance: In this category, the swimming distance extends to 1.800 meters, also in two laps. 


    • Standard Distance: The cycling segment for the standard distance is a single 40 km route, with a cumulative elevation gain of 320 meters.  
    • Half Distance: Here, the challenge intensifies with a route of 83 km and a gradient of 645 meters.  

Foot Race

    • Standard Distance: The running race for this distance is 9,4 km, distributed over two laps.  
    • Half Distance: With 18,6 km divided into three laps, this race is a true test of endurance and will.  


Registration for Half Madrid 2024 is now open. With a limit of 800 participants between the two modalities, the organization ensures a high-quality and well-organized experience. 

 Registration prices vary depending on the date and modality: for the half distance, the initial prices are €140 for federated members and €150 for non-federated members until December 31, gradually increasing to €180/€190 in the phase final. 

For the standard distance, prices start at €60/€70, reaching €80/€90 in the final stage 

 Madrid as Headquarters 

Madrid is not only the setting for this great sporting event, but also a tourist destination par excellence.  

The triathletes' companions will be able to enjoy the rich culture, gastronomy and historical heritage of the city, making their visit a complete experience in both sports and tourism. 

For more details about the event, registration and tours, those interested can visit the official website of Half Madrid.  

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