The Ibiza Half Triathlon converted to Sprint Triathlon in 2024 

El Ibiza Half Triathlon, known for its demanding medium-distance circuit, will reinvent itself in 2024 as the Sprint Triathlon. 

This decision, driven by current logistical difficulties, marks a new chapter in the history of triathlon on the island. 

The Ibiza Half Triathlon Sports Association, organizer of the event, has confirmed that the next October 27, the triathlon It will be held in sprint format.  

This change, although temporary, is a response to the challenges of guaranteeing adequate circuits on the island for the scheduled date. 

Although the middle distance could return in 2025, this year there is a special edition that promises to be equally exciting. 

Those already registered for the middle distance test will receive a full refund of their registration fee, as well as a free invitation as a thank you and compensation.  

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Andoni Valencia, leader of the AD Ibiza Triathlon, has expressed his commitment to maintaining the quality of the event despite the adversities: “We have fought to maintain the circuits and the medium distance test, but current circumstances have led us to make this decision. We hope that in 2025 we can celebrate the tenth edition with greater splendor". 

The sprint format opens the doors to a new range of participants, from short distance specialists to those looking to get started in triathlon.  

In addition, Ibiza is presented as an ideal destination to close the season, with attractive prices on transport and accommodation during the low season. 

The organization of the event promises to reveal more details and manage registrations through its official website soon. 

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