ICAN crosses borders and already looks at Germany

After the successes in the sports adventures launched in Mallorca, Malaga and Valladolid, ICAN Triathlon takes another step in its growth and announces its leap to the international scene, in particular to Germany. It will be with the new ICANN Nordhausen 2013, which will take place the 25 of August next year and will be held under the Half mode (1,9 kilometers of swimming, 90 kilometers of cycling, 21 kilometers of running).

This German town is located in the State of Thuringia, in the geographical center of Germany and at the foot of the Harz mountains. A beautiful town with more than 45.000 inhabitants and 273 kilometers from Berlin, 146 from Hanover or 140 from Lepzig. In addition, among its monuments, the statue of Roldán stands out, from the XNUMXth century, considered a symbol of the city. Nordhausen also has the Cathedral of the Holy Cross (Dom Zum Heiligen Kreuz), built in the middle of the XNUMXth century, the Romanesque church of the Frauenberger Kirche (St Maria auf dem Berg), the Tower of Saint Peter (Petriturm) or the Kunsthaus Meyenburg , a Jugendstil villa from the early XNUMXth century that houses a small museum of contemporary art.

In the last ten years the German town celebrated the so-called "Scheuenhof-Triatlhon", which from 2013 will have an international character and will be renamed "ICAN Nordhausen Germany". This has been possible thanks to the collaboration of the local authorities of Nordhausen, together with the support and experience of one of the German triathletes with the best long distance winners, Ulrich Konschank, who will be the race director of the race and the manager to design a truly spectacular course for the participants.

A new route that will start with the swimming sector at Lake Südhäuser, to make the first transition in Sheuenhof. From there the 90 kilometers will depart by bike, which will pass through the spectacular scenery at the foot of the Harz mountains, in the direction of Uthleben and Auleben, reaching Görsbach to continue to Urbach and Steigerthal.

The first test for the triathletes will be at Mount Buchholzer Berg, and from there they will go to Stempeda to turn in the direction of Buchholz and Petersdorf, before returning to Nordhausen. There will be a smaller second round, which will run through Leimbach and Steigerthal, and again through the Buchholzer Berg towards Stempeda, before returning to Nordhausen.

The sector of the race on foot will be a circuit of five kilometers on the so-called Promenade, with the arrival at the Theater Square in Nordhausen,

For the mayor of Nordhausen, Halus Zeh, "it is a reason for great joy that the test will push forward with this collaboration agreement with ICAN. I can only congratulate the organizers for this new international project, which will take the city of Nordhausen to cross borders. It will also be a benefit for the rest of the region and a very nice challenge to have an international competition in Nordhausen "commented Mr. Zeh.

For his part, the head of ICAN, Sunil Bhardwaj, highlighted his passion for Nordhausen and its surroundings and his enthusiasm for facing this international challenge. "I only see advantages. It is an incomparable setting, with a first level organization and with many nearby airports that will allow an easy arrival of international triathletes ".

Illusioned by the possible arrival of participants from other countries such as Spain, Holland or Great Britain, the professional German triathlete Katia Konschak, winner of the ICAN Marbella 2012, was shown who was impressed with the project. "I like the idea of ​​being able to greet here in Nordhausen triathletes, professionals or not, who are from other countries."

Finally, the second mayor of Nordhausen, Matthias Jendrike, said he was convinced of the success of the test. "With the supervision of Fire and Police I'm sure it will be a possible and spectacular assembly."

With these precedents, ICAN will maintain its philosophy of "by and for the triathlete", with its airport pick-up service, the traditional Pasta Party prior to the competition, the Family Lounge, as well as endless activities, talks and conferences during the days before the race.

In this way, the ICAN calendar for the 2013 is extended with its first international appointment, which joins the tests of Malaga (7 of April), Mallorca-Paguera (5 of May) and Valladolid (6 of July). Four dates that nobody can miss.

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