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ICAN Valencia 113 suspended

It has not been possible to guarantee obtaining the necessary permits for the segment and cyclist and they have been forced to cancel the test.

The organization has published a statement announcing the cancellation of the test that was going to dispute the next 9 of June in Valencia.

From the organization they report that it has not been possible to guarantee obtaining the necessary permits for the segment and cyclist and have been forced to cancel the test.

In the statement reflects that two options are given to those registered. On the one hand, if they choose it, the cost of registration will be automatically paid to all those registered or the registration will be changed by the ICAN Gandía .

This is the official announcement of the suspension of ICAN TRIATHLON VALENCIA 113, 2019

From the organization of Ican Triathlon Valencia 113 We regret having to communicate the suspension of the test that was to be held next June 9 in Valencia.

The reason that led us to take this difficult decision has been the lack of guarantee of obtaining the necessary permits for the realization of the cyclist segment raised and presented for months, coinciding with the last two editions, in which managed to design a circuit that, in our opinion, made this complex event coexist with the mobility needs of the inhabitants of Valencia, Alboraia, Náquera and other affected populations.

Despite having worked on other options previously agreed with the Valencia Traffic Subsector, the current status of the works of the third lane of the V21 and the refusal of some municipalities to allow the passage of the test for them, conditioned or not by the overload that other sporting events, close to ours in date and routes produce in them, make us make this decision by not being able to guarantee the quality standard demanded by the own organization and the safety of the triathletes during said segment in the hypothetical and distant case that the authorizations finally arrived.

For all this, and with enough time to try to harm as little as possible to all participants, we have decided to suspend Ican Triathlon Valencia 113, 2019.

Given this situation, we propose two options to all those registered:

1- Change of registration to Ican Triathlon Gandia 2019.

2- Return of the 100% of the registration.

Processing process.

  • From Friday 17 from May to Sunday 26 in May transfers to Ican Triathlon Gandia 2019 may be requested.
  • Monday 27 of May - all requested changes will be made.
  • From Monday 27 from May to Friday 31 from May we will make the returns of all the remaining registrations.

It is not necessary to request a refund, if a change to Ican Gandia is not requested, the refund will be made automatically.

After 6 years working on this event, with many experiences in the backpack and much gratitude to all who have embraced after crossing our finish line, or who have tried, again apologize to all triathletes enrolled in this edition.

We have worked hard to solve the different problems that we have been encountering, but finally the suspension is the best and most honest solution, although not the most pleasant one.

We also want to thank all those who in one way or another have accompanied and supported us over these years and, contrary to what the broken voice of maestro Sabina sings, that goodbye yes make up a see you later and in 2020 we can enjoy your confidence again.

We are at your entire disposal in [Email protected], See you on the road.

Thank you very much for the trust and understanding on behalf of the entire organization.

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