IMD Segovia and Devils of Rivas Champions of Spain of Duathlon by Teams

The variability of the time was the protagonist in a day in which the clubs disputed the Spain Championship between rain, wind and sun. The mood of the public of Canet d'En Berenguer they managed to get all the teams to overcome the harsh weather conditions and finish the test without incident.


Triathletes were proclaimed winners CT IMD Segovia that in 51: 10 completed the duathlon route, followed by the team of Saltoki Trikideak, whose arrival was in 51: 31 and Imps from Rivas, who completed the duathlon in 51: 37.


In females, the components of Imps from Rivas they were the clear winners, with an exceptional 1 chrono: 02: 30; followed by CNPrattriatlo, which ended in 1: 05: 08; while the members ofl CNMataró they were third with a time of 1: 05: 42.


The course was made up of a first walking segment of 5 km, followed by 20 km of cycling, to finish with 2,5 km of race and finish. The teams have been formed by 4 and 6 duathletes, scoring the first 4 to cross the finish line, which must have come together or with a margin lower than 30 ".


Canet d'En Berenguer turned to the test with more than 70 organizing volunteers, who throughout the day have been attending the triathletes.

See all the results of the test in this link.


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