Ironman 70.3 Cascais-Portugal a test chosen by Europeans

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An 78,5% of current registrants are foreigners, with British, Spanish and Dutch at the head of them

Ironman 70.3 Cascais-Portugal has only one edition but the Portuguese test has been done with a gap in the European calendar at the end of the season, exceeding the 2.000 enrolled in his debut and with very good prospects for the present.

Very careful and original circuits, swimming in line, cycling next to the ocean, and going through the Blue Lagoon and the Guincho Beach road and the foot race on that beautiful Portuguese Atlantic facade, make up a test that is worth considering for the autumn. You can see all the information about the routes in this article.

Official travel agency

And to organize the stay well, the organization of the event has just announced that Cosmos Viagens Will be your official travel agency 2018, with services and special facilities so that participants can focus on the competition, traveling without complications or worries, with three zones of choice for accommodation, Cascais / Estoril, Sintra / Oeiros / Carcavelos or Lisbon.

All the information about it can be found at

The Ironman 70.3 from Cascais was not just a participation success, but also had a great online tracking more than 500.000 people following the test, well through the web or through the official facebook page of the test. This is a great success, and even more so for a triathlon in a country like Portugal, whose population is about 10,5 million inhabitants.

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