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Ironman buys 5 organizer ITU tests

Iornman will now be in charge of organizing 5 of the 9 ITU events on the world calendar.


The franchise Ironman today announced the acquisition of the company Lagardère Sport's Endurance Division,  In charge of managing 5 ITU tests, 4 marathons and 6 cycling races of the highest international level.

"These iconic events, and the teams that created and managed them, will further strengthen our position in triathlon, as well as expand the sport of running and establish ourselves in cycling.", says Andrew Messick Chief Executive Officer of IRONMAN.

Ironman and the ITU have been collaborating for many years, unifying the triathlon regulations among other actions and with this acquisition you will now be able to manage the ITU events in Abu Dhabi, Cape Town, Hamburg, Leeds and Stockholm.

Marisol Casado, president of the ITU comments: "Lagardère Sports has been a great partner for the last 8 years for the ITU. I fully believe in the transition of these events to IRONMAN and will serve to further strengthen our sport worldwide”. The ITU looks forward to working together to keep triathlon at a high level in the world of sport. "

These are the new tests that Ironman will manage


  • ITU World Triathlon Abu Dhabi
  • ITU World Triathlon Cape Town
  • ITU World Triathlon Hamburg
  • ITU World Triathlon Leeds
  • ITU World Triathlon Stockholm


  • Hamburg Cyclassics
  • Velothon Berlin
  • Velothon Wales
  • Velothon Copenhagen
  • Velothon Stockholm
  • Velothon Stuttgart


  • Hamburg
  • Hawkes Bay International Marathon
  • Bordeaux Marathon
  • Queenstown Marathon
  • Music Run Hamburg
  • Music Runs in Germany, UK, France, Sweden and South Africa

Multisport, Festival,

  • Duathlon Cape Town
  • Duathlon Sandton
  • The Motatapu
  • The Pioneer

Further information: eu.ironman.com

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