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Victoria de Isora Sosa in the Asian Cup of Nepal with dedication for Carolina Routier

The first great joy of the "super weekend" comes at the hands of Isora Sosa, who has achieved triumph in the Asian Cup of Pokhara in Nepal

The weekend begins with this triumph of Isora Sosa, this afternoon will be the turn of Mario Mola, Fernando Alarza y Uxío Abuín in the WTS of the Bermuda Islands. morning Javier Gómez Noya at the Polar Cannes International Triathlon in France, Roger Serrano in the Xterra Greece and here in Spain the 70.3 with Judith Corachán, Victor of the Pen y Miquel Blanchart leading a 70.3 14 triathlete triathletes.

The Canarian triathlete Isora Sosa, based in Qatar, has achieved victory in the Asian Cup of Pokhara, achieving its first international ITU triumph at the foot of the Himalayas. The test has been held at an altitude of 1500 m, it is a unique place in the world, just 30km from the impressive summits of more than 8.000m in Nepal.

Before the competition Isora's biggest doubt was to know how altitude could affect her living at sea level, but this factor has not been an impediment to make a great race and take the victory. In a sprint distance race, Isora has already escaped to the T1 and has increased the advantage in the 20km of cycling to be able to face the 5km on foot with guarantees and take the victory.

The Pokhara test is a clear example of the growth of triathlon worldwide, with triathletes from countries like Iran, Bangladesh, India, Nepal ... and there was Isora, representing Spain, Europe and the rest of the world. As she told us after finishing the competition: "I traveled to Nepal with the aim of supporting triathlon in these countries where our sport is growing little by little. During the competition and arrival at the finish line I have remembered a lot of Carolina Routier who will not be having a good time after being run over. I want to send you a lot of encouragement and I hope that little by little you will recover in the best way"

Isora Soda binds like this to Camila Alonso as the only Spanish athletes with ITU wins in 2018, where we hope that today one of the guys from the Triarmada in Bermuda will join. Also, to emphasize that in the last 4 years only the two together with Sara Pérez y Zuriñe Rodríguez they are the only four Spanish to win ITU tests.

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