Javier Gómez Noya disqualified in the Tauranga Half

El Tauranga Half, a PTO bronze category event, opened the New Zealand international calendar with a very close competition.

Javier Gómez Noya, who has participated in the competition, began with an outstanding performance, leading the swim with a considerable advantage.

However, a technical problem with his handlebars during the cycling segment marked a turning point in his career, leaving him with no chance of victory.

Noya had to stop to adjust the handlebars, receiving outside help, which eventually led to his disqualification after a complaint from the fourth-place finisher.

This situation paved the way for Jack Moody, who had been second four times, finally achieved victory.

Moody had an impressive foot race, beating Mike Phillips in the last kilometer, finishing with a time of 3:33:33.

Phillips came in second, followed by Ben Hamilton, who ascended to the podium due to Noya's disqualification.

Male Category Results

Position Athlete Time
1 Jack moody 3:33:33
2 Mike Phillips +11 sec
3 Ben hamilton +6 min*

In the women's competition, the New Zealander Hannah Berry took first place with a time of 3:58:48, closely followed by the American Chelsea Sodaro and the Dutch Els Visser.

Results Female Category

Position Athlete Time
1 Hannah Berry 3:58:48
2 Chelsea Sodaro 3:59:43
3 Els Visser 4:03:22

There are no previous results.

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