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Javier Gómez Noya delivers a car to Borja Gómez a young man from 15 years with Down Syndrome

Borja - a young cyclist of 15 years with Down Syndrome - asked to fulfill his dream to receive a car equipped with bike racks for all the equipment of his people

 The triathlon world champion Javier Gómez Noya has been in charge of delivering this Thursday in the Pontevedra town of Ponteareas the first Come scholarship - Cola Cao and the CSD with the base sport, that has been awarded to Borja Gómez-cyclist of 15 years with Down Syndrome- and his team from the Club Ciclista Ponteareas.

This scholarship program is aimed at children and young people from all over Spain between 6 and 20 years, and will allocate a total of 2018 € to 300.000 to make different sports dreams come true that inspire other children to do sports.

As a spokesperson for your team, Borja - a young cyclist of 15 years with Down Syndrome - asked to fulfill his dream to receive a car equipped with bike racks for all the equipment of his people and so be able to attend the various sporting events in the area. All with a single goal: to continue growing in this sport and have fun with their friends.

"In the Ponterelaas Cycling Club, what we are looking for is that children enjoy playing sports and at the same time learn values ​​such as respect, equality and education. We have been with 40 for years since the club was created and each year we seek to improve ourselves and reinvent ourselves by working hard so that children like Borja are encouraged to enjoy themselves on the bike. Thanks to Borja's feat more children have come to this club for the integration and values ​​that we instilled ", explains Marcos Porto, club president.

Javier Gómez Noya with Borja Gómez coca cola scholarship

Gómez Noya, considered the best triathlete in history, He has been in charge of delivering the car to Borja and his team as Ambassador of the Scholarship. The athlete is an example for young and old both for their spirit of improvement and for their ability to recover before adversity. In today's event he was able to share with the young Borja cycling team the learnings he has obtained throughout his successful career as well as the dreams he has left to fulfill in the world of sports, a world that makes him happy day after day as he declares.

"I started in the world of triathlon with 15 years, the same age that Borja has now. I am very excited to see him and so many young people so dedicated to their sport, as they remind me of myself when I was little.

To all of them I want to tell them to fight for their dreams, because with effort and dedication they become reality. And do not forget the most important thing: have fun and be happy doing sports, which is how I feel in every training and in every competition " says Javier Gómez Noya.

The Jury of the Scholarships Come- formed by the Superior Council of Sports, Cola Cao and the global ambassadors of the project, the athletes Mireia Belmonte and Saúl Craviotto-wanted to distinguish this candidacy because integrates the most important values ​​that this program wants to promote: integration in sports, overcoming, perseverance, effort and teamwork among others. In addition, he also stressed that the great example it represents to encourage other children to play sports.

"Borja and his team are an example to encourage other children and young people to practice sports. They perfectly represent the values ​​of the Vamos Scholarships, which are also what we want to encourage from Cola Cao: the improvement, integration, effort and teamwork. Helping Borja and his team makes us especially excited, as it materializes the commitment of the brand with the inspiring stories of the little ones"Explains Javier Coromina, Communication Director of Idilia Foods.

Further information: www.becasvamos.es

Photo and Source ciclismoafondo.es

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