Javier Gómez Noya hare by Chema Martinez in the Madrid half marathon

This morning the 20th edition of the Madrid half marathon, which was held again after the stoppage due to the pandemic.

In the test, where the victory has been for Ronald kiprotich (59: 36) and Nelly jepchumba (1:07:47), athletes of the stature of Javier Gómez Noya o Chema Martinez.

In fact, in Galician it has been the Madrid athlete hare who has competed in the M50 category with a time of 1h08'57 ”the same as Noya.

These have been their passing times

  • Km 5: 16:39, average 3:19
  • Km 10: 32:17, average 3:13
  • Km 15: 48:49, average 3:15
  • Meta: 1:08:57, average 3:16

In social networks Noya commented

«At this start to the season, my only goal was to just pace myself and enjoy the great atmosphere.

I also had the opportunity to share the entire race with the great Chema Martínez and give him a hand to make a great M50 mark. It has been a benchmark for generations of athletes and continues to enjoy and perform at a high level«


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A shared post by Javier Gómez Noya (@jgomeznoya)

For his part, Chema Martinez commented on the race:

How I enjoyed ...

Especially when I have crossed the finish line because during the race all I have done was run and run giving everything, concentrating on each stride and trying not to slow down.

It has been as hard as it is emotional, being able to share the entire race with someone I have admired for many years has been very special for me, thank you @jgomeznoya for sharing this adventure!

50 years, half a century and the same desire as always, I am older, I no longer run so fast, but I continue to live life with the same passion and that makes me invincible!

Running in Madrid is special so I will continue doing it as long as my body allows it!«

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