Javier Gómez Noya and Pablo Dapena compete in the Challenge Prague

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The reigning Ironman world champion Javier Gómez Noya and LD world champion Pablo Dapena are back in competition three years later.

This July 28 is celebrated on Challenge Prague, in the capital of the Czech Republic, which will have the participation of Galician triathletes Pablo Dapena y Javier Gómez Noya.

Both are friends and training partners for several years under the orders of Carlos Prieto Despite this, they have rarely met together in competition, their first competition was in the Ferrol 2012 triathlon, where Javi took the victory and Pablo was second.

 Later in 2013 in the Copa del Rey, competing together with his club the Cidade de Lugo Fluvial where they took the victory. The next day they would do the same in the Spanish Acuatlon Championship, where Noya won the gold medal and Dapena the bronze medal. In 2015 they conicidieron in the WTS of Cape Town, the last race that they have disputed and finished both, since the following year, in 2016, in the European championship of Geneva both could not finish.

Video Challenge Prague

The season of Noya and Dapena

This season is being very similar for both, without getting off the podium in any of the competitions they have done.

Javier Gómez Noya He achieved victory in the Challenge Wanaka, Polar International Triathlon and Ironman 70.3 and was second in his Ironman debut in the Cairns event.

Meanwhile Pablo Dapena has victories in the ITU World Cup LD, Challenge Lisboa and Challenge Mogan, while he was second in the Challenge Salou and Challenge Roma.

The favorites

In the male category Noya is the big favorite, as in all the races he disputes, while It's pitiful He is a candidate for the podium as he has shown this season. The rest of the favorites are Matt Trautman, Peter Heemeryck, George Goodwin and Maurice Calvel.

While the women's event will also have a big sign, with Laura Siddall, Kimberley Morrison, Eva Wutti, Kirsty Jahn and Lisa Hütthaler among the favorites.

The competition will be marked by heat, since the output will be at 12: 00. The test has some spectacular circuits, the swimming takes place in the river Moldava, where the triathletes will skirt a fluvial island.

The cycling segment runs practically next to the river, there are two laps of 45km and each turn includes a slope of about 2km at 5% drop. Finally the race on foot, 21km, also flat, with the river Moldava as the protagonist since almost the entire course runs with him.

Start list

More information :http://www.challenge-prague.com/en/

Photo Dapena: Lise Chistiane Myltoft Photo Noya: Ironman

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