Joe Skipper considers not going to Kona due to price increases

The British triathlete, .DEB one of the favorites for IRONMAN World Championship of Kona has opened a discussion on social networks due to the high prices on the Island.

Inflation in the US is at a average 6,3% in this 2022, which has made the prices of flights, accommodation, etc. are increased.

Skipper published a Stories, where he indicated that is considering not participating this year for this reason.

For its part, triathlonmockery published a conversation with Joe, where he explained that the cost of Going to Kona this year was over £10.000.

This year, due to the inflation that the United States is suffering, tripling the price of stays, something that most triathletes who want to participate in this world championship are noticing.

We remember that in the World Championship spread U.S. dollar 750.000 in prizes where the winner takes 125.000, the second 65.000 and the third 45.000.

As in all sectors, the world situation with inflation fully affects these great events, where professionals put all their strength into the season.

We will have to see how the situation of the world economy evolves to see if prices drop.

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