The ultrafondista Josef Ajram could not finish the ULTRAMAN of Hawaii

"Now it's time to think about the next goal, I do not know where the limit is, but I know where it is not"

Despite the physical preparation and the effort made to complete this tough test consisting of 515 km, of which 10 were swimming, 421 cycling carried out in two days and 84 km of running on foot, the ultra-distance runner Josef Ajram could not finish this race and had to retire in the running segment due to severe pain in the sciatic nerve.


With podium possibilities, Josef Ajram, made the following statements on his blog

"After finishing fifth on the first day and third on yesterday I had to make the difficult decision to leave due to extreme pain of the sciatic nerve." Undoubtedly a bitch to finish the Ultraman world championship in the Top5, but I have given everything, now I have to think about the next objective, I do not know where the limit is, but I know where it is not.

Also I leave photos of the days of the competition. The first day we had a 10 km swim very moving because the current pushed us and did not let us advance easily. I went out in the 14 position of the water to start the 145 km of bike. I made the second best bike position and rallied to the fifth overall position.

The second day, 276 km of bike, was the best of all. At an average of 36 km / h I ended up at 7h56m the 276 km of stage 2.

And the third day, with the double marathon -84km- ahead, I came out with very good feelings but the injury mentioned above had to leave the Ultraman at s27 km. I was very close to the end, but you can not do anything to this type of injuries for another challenge! "

The podium finally went to Alexandre Ribeiro (Brazil) thus achieving his sixth title in the Ultraman of Hawaii (2003, 2005, 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012) and for Amber Monforte (United States) where he achieved his third title in this test (2010, 2011 and 2012).

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