Juan Miguel Esteban: from prison to compete in the Ironman Lanzarote

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Just one month after the test, we talked with him to tell us a little more about his IronMax challenge

Juan Miguel Esteban returns to Triathlon News, although he is a person known for his challenge of the Prison to the Marathon, where he trained 4 marathons inside a prison (getting down from the 3 hours), in a few days he will leave to Lanzarote where he is about to participate in his first Ironman, the Ironman of Lanzarote

If you want to know a little more about him, do not miss the interview about IronMax what we did in TN

How did the idea of ​​making the Ironman Lanzarote come about?

The idea comes to me as a result of knowing my cousin my first coach and great referent Jesus and put new challenges in life that already quite challenging is herself. I'm about to do the Ironmax challenge, a challenge for a child Max the son of my girl who is going through a difficult situation to deal with.

He is a nice handsome charming boy and of which I am 100% captivated by the affection I receive from him.

My dream would be to be able to cross the finish line of Lanzarote from the hand of my girl Sandra and her son Max to see her happy face and make it more enjoyable the moment she is in addition to instilling the values ​​of sport

What experience do you have in triathlon?

Well, rather little, this year's Half of Seville was my first medium distance test in which I was 3 of the general in the non-federated test and first in my category.  

The intention in Lanzarote is to go to Por todos and do the best possible.

Two weeks before the competition: What have you learned "on the road"?

On the road of this competition what stood out most is the quality of the people who have surrounded me and I can boast about it among them Angel and Susana (Triathlon News team), you are two examples of overcoming.

I have learned to train in other ways that I did not trust and have seen great results.

Juan Miguel Esteban

How have the trainings been? Who has helped you in the challenge?

The issue of training ... to say much sacrifice many hours and only a long time to stop being with mine because of the training so hard I have had.

On the way, due to personal circumstances of my old coach, I decided to start training with Iván Álvarez, whom I want to thank for his dedication and good being for me. I have learned and I continue to learn a lot from him so we will go all out together in Lanzarote where he will also participate.

Do you recommend previous experience to participate in a test of these characteristics?

Maybe do an Ironman to start do not recommend it, but some triathlon of another lower distance sure yes, more than anything by the amount of time of dedication that has.

You are going to give a motivational talk in the prison of Lanzarote, tell us a little more

Indeed, in my stay on the island on Thursday 24 in May I will give a conference in the prison of Lanzarote for all inmates to show them that if there is life after that time they will stay there locked up and that life goes on and everything can be achieved.

The next May 20 I go on a trip to the Santa club where I will be training until Saturday 26 which is the test.

It is your first Ironman and several brands have already bet for you, tell us what material you trust for the test and why.

In this my first ironman I have had the great luck that maracas like Zone3 and Sunnto have opted for me and I must say that both are great brands with very good professionals that I have been lucky to meet. 

On the one hand, the flexibility and safety of the zone3 ASPIRE for the swimming segment is brutal, and on the other hand the accuracy and easy handling of the leading brand in long distance tests such as Suunto.

How do you see yourself for the competition?

For the competition I look good, I have trained for it. but you have to remember that it is 226 km of competition and there may be any unexpected setback, so until I cross the finish line everything is in the air, but I intend to do my best

Do you already think about future objectives?

If when the Ironman finishes I will run the half marathon in Rome and surely the marathon in Berlin. In addition to inaugurating an athletics club in Madrid, the tables at the STUDENT COLLEGE.

From Triathlon News we wish you good luck in your Iromax challenge

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