Judith Corachán recovers from a crash in the USA

He suffered a severe blow to the head and a minor concussion but no bones have been broken

triathlete Judith Corachán has published a post on his social networks commenting that a few days ago he suffered a severe fall.

Judith who has published a photo about the roller, has commented that she suffered a strong blow to the head and a little shockbut no bones were broken in the fall

Corachán is in the USA to participate this weekend in the Challenge Daytona, PTO Championship where the best athletes of the specialty will be.

Hopefully he can recover in time and be able to compete in the test.

This was commented by Judith in networks:

«We started to move after three days of rest due to a strong fall. Luckily nothing broken and the only worrying thing is the strong blow I suffered to the head and a small concussion.

Counting the days to recover and see if I can get to compete on Sunday at @professionaltriathletesorg @challengedaytona

What I know the worst is that @javijcm also suffered a fall because he could not avoid me.

Don't worry we are in good hands. @javihidalgom has not stopped taking care of us at all times. »


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A post shared by Judith Corachan Vaquera (@koraxan)

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