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Judith Corachán third in the mythical Embrunman

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Judith Corachán achieves the best result of her life with third place in historic Embrunman

Judith Corachán has competed in his first long distance triathlon finished third, in the "5th monument" of triathlon, the Embrunman, being the second Spanish to step on a podium in this French event.

The test began at 6 in the morning with the 3.600 meters of swimming, where the French Charlotte Morello was the first to arrive at the T1 with a 51 time: 11, along with the Australian Carrie Ballast stuck to it. Judith It came out of the water in third position over 3 ′ from them. While fourth was Gerogina Rutherford more than 1 ′ from Judith.

In the first kilometers of cycling Morello y Ballast they start pedaling together and at km 20 they already had more than 7 ′ on Judith, who was always alone in the entire race, located in third position. For his part Judith Corachán He also put time for his pursuers in the first kilometers, passing the fourth, Elizabeth Curridori 3 ′ from the Catalan at this point. Mediated the cycling segment, at the top of the Izoard at 2361 m altitude Ballast crowned solo, followed by 1 ′ of Morello and with Judith third to more than 13 ′. Fourth was still Curridori already more than 10 ′ from Corachán, and fifth was the also Spanish Ester Henández. Ballast He suffered a hard fall, which caused him a breakdown in the gearbox but he was able to continue in the race… although he lost the lead at the hands of Morello, who at km 140 led the test with 3 ′ over Ballast and almost 20 ′ of advantage over Judith.

Morello he arrives first at T2, with the best cyclist partial, at 2 ′ he did Ballast y Judith remained third at more than 24 ′. The fourth triathlete to get off the bike was Isabella Ferrer more than 22 ′ from Judith, while Ester Hernandez was sixth at 9 ′ from Ferrer.

The final marathon was to be the judge of the race, from the first kilometers the pace of Carrie Ballast is much higher than that of Charlotte Morello and little by little it is cutting the time with the French one. A step through the first round, on the 14 km Ballast already led with comfort, with Morello at more than 5 ′ and with Judith Corachán third at 21 ′, who was doing the best set of all in the marathon, running very well. Behind the positions did not move, Ferrer was fourth more than 20 ′ from Judith, Curridori fifth and Ester Hernandez sixth.

In the second round the differences stabilized, Ballast he had the race in his pocket with more than 13 ′ of advantage over Morello, Judith I kept running very full and passed 25 ′ from the head of the race.

Finally victory for Carrie Ballast with 10: 51: 43, followed by Charlotte Morello with 11: 06: 28 and third was a huge Judith Corachán, who finished his first Ironman distance triathlon through the front door, with a historic podium for the Spanish triathlon.

Regarding the male competition, Diego From Looy the victory has been won with a 9 time: 45: 54 thanks to a spectacular comeback in the final marathon.

Robin Pastor He was the first to cover the 3800m of swimming, with 47:17, and within 2 ′ of him came a group with 5 of the favorites, among them Etienne Diemusch y Roman Guillaume. Erik Merino He was the best Spanish at position 16 with 53:42 while Victor of Pen It was 5 ”from Erik. Pornto the French Diemusch and Guillaume would take the lead, both crowning Izoard in the lead at km 98, with Jaroslav Kovacic at 2 ′.

At this point Victor of Pen It was seventh at more than 10 ′. In the second part of the cycling segment Victor of Pen I was in an accident with a car and had to leave. Hours later he published on social networks that he had gone to the hospital and that everything was fine, he only had a blow to the knee and some scratches.

Diemunsch was the first to arrive at the T2, followed by Guillaume at 1 ′. The rest of the favorites made it to more than 8'm with Ouilleres third and Kovacic fourth. Erik Merino He was the best Spanish 9th.

The marathon was going to bring great surprises, Diego From Looy He flew with a time of 2:44:22, going back over 16 ′ and taking the victory. Second was Jaroslav Kovacic to 3: 53 and third Gwenael Ouilleres to 11: 30. Erik Merino He was the best Spaniard in goal at position 11.


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