Kristian Blummenfelt's numbers in his RoadtoParis 

At the pinnacle of world triathlon, Kristian Blummenfelt, Olympic champion in title, is preparing to defend his crown at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games with figures that defy all logic.  

His coach, Olav Aleksander Bu, in a video published on YouTube, has revealed that the numbers achieved in the recent winter training phases are so extraordinary that they have forced us to rethink the training plan for the coming months. 

Has been training in Morocco, where the altitude of that country has played a crucial role in its preparation. 

Blummenfelt, who seeks his second Olympic title consecutive, has shown impressive progress, especially in cycling, a discipline in which it has recorded figures never seen before.  

These advances, according to his coach, are so significant that they initially generated disbelief, leading to extensive verification to confirm their authenticity. 

During the winter, Blummenfelt has achieved numbers in cycling and running that have surprised even his coach. 

 In cycling, he has shown strength and endurance that far exceed his previous marks.  

In the race, he is reaching speeds and resistances that, according to Bu, are “so high, so ridiculously high” that they initially doubted their veracity. 

These numbers indicate a significant increase in your aerobic and anaerobic capacity, essential for triathlon success. 

Blummenfelt's preparation for Paris is not only focused on improving his personal bests, but also redefining the limits of what is possible in triathlon.  

With a mindset focused on victory, the Norwegian has adopted a training approach that combines altitude, technological innovation and meticulous analysis of every aspect of his performance. 

I took 2023 as the pre-Olympic year. The main task was to do the job to win the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Of course I wanted to perform a little better at short distance. I didn't get any podium, but in Hamburg I was pretty close with a fourth place in the super sprint distance.

"HI've been training with numbers I've never seen before, especially on the bike. My power has increased a lot this summer, but I think that to be happy with the 2023 season we have to wait until Paris 2024“comments the Norwegian. in the video

He is clear that to qualify for gold in the French capital he will have to run the 10K in 28:40


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