Kristian Blummenfelt and Anne Haug lead PTO rankings after Kona

El IRONMAN World Championship disputed last week brought many changes in the PTO ranking.

The victory of Gustav Iden (132.87) and Chelsea Sodaro (133.11) has given them many points which have made them climb positions in the classification.

In the male category we find the two Norwegians in the lead, Kristian Blummenfelt que remains in the lead and Iden who climbs to second position with only 1,6 points difference

Top 5 Men's PTO Ranking

Job title Athlete Points
1 Kristian Blummenfelt 118.71
2  Gustav Iden 117.11
3  Magnus Elbaek Ditlev 113.04
4  Sam Laidlow 109.34
5  Lionel Sanders 107.51

In the female category, the German Anne Haug rises to first place in the ranking over passing Daniela Ryf y Ashleig Gentle.

With his victory in Kona Sodaro up to 7 positions, placing sixth.

As for the only Spanish in Kona, Gurutze Frades, rises 12 positions reaching the 28th place.

Top 5 Female PPT Ranking

Job title Athlete Points
1  Anne Haug 117.06
2  Daniela Ryf 115.32
3  Ashleigh Gentle 113.54
4  Lucy Charles-Barclay 109.60
5  Laura Philipp 109.38

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