National triathlon figures will face each other in Pontevedra

The triathlete Javier Gómez Noya will try to be a prophet in his land. Although from Ferrol by birth, the Olympic medalist will fight to be crowned in his adopted place, the city of Pontevedra. He will be one of the athletes who will start this Sunday in the Spanish Triathlon Championship, a test that will also include, for example, Iván Raña.

Pontevedra will once again be the triathlon capital, since apart from the elite race, the Lérez river will witness the under-23, cadet, junior, age group and paratriathlon competitions.

"We will have a sports podium level here," said Luis Piña, acting president of the Galician Triathlon Federation. "It will be a top-level appointment," he said.

In fact, Luis Piña and Miguel Anxo Fernández Lores, mayor of the city, signed the corresponding collaboration agreement yesterday to celebrate the national tournament in the capital city.

"A test will serve to honor an Olympian who also participates in the Pontevedra championships," stressed the councilor in reference to Javier Gómez Noya. The triathlete from Ferrol arrives in the city of Lérez shortly after obtaining the silver medal at the London Games and reaching the top of the podium in the United States Professional Triathlon Championship.

In Pontevedra the presence of more than a thousand triathletes is guaranteed. The tour will be a luxury showcase for the city. A total of 1.500 meters of swimming in the Lérez river at the foot of the Tirantes bridge, 40 kilometers by bicycle through O Burgo and Lérez, and about ten kilometers of running through the old town.

"There will be a massive follow-up," stressed Luis Piña. "It's a moi-doo circuit to follow for or viewer."

If the great favorite in the men's event is Javier Gómez Noya, in the women's race the woman from Pontevedra can triumph Saleta Castro or Aída Valiño, another of the athletes who trains in the city of Lérez.

On Sunday, September 9, the start for the elite women's race will be at 10.15:12.45, while the men's event will start at 8:13. However, the triathlon party starts on Saturday. On the 30th, at XNUMX:XNUMX p.m., the starting signal for the cadet category will be given, and XNUMX minutes later, it will be the turn of the paratriathletes.

Sprint circuit

Pontevedra is betting, and strongly, to host sporting events of great importance. During the signing of the agreement, the mayor and the Councilor for Sports, Agustín Fernández, revealed that the city will host one of the sprint triathlon races that take place within the framework of the state circuit. "Pontevedra is an important event in the sports calendar," said the mayor of Sports.

For his part, Miguel Anxo Fernández Lores pointed out that "it is very important that the city of Pontevedra is part of this state circuit of triathlon in the sprint modality."

Although the city of Lérez will wear its best clothes this weekend, Pontevedra will also be the scene of the Duathlon World Championship. As in the case of the national tournament these days, the presence of about a thousand athletes who will compete in the duathlon is estimated.

The same number of athletes will bring the Spanish Duathlon Championship, which will also be held in the city of Pontevedra. In this case, it will be next spring.


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