The list of professionals who will be at IRONMAN 70.3 Portugal

On October 15, the fifth edition of the IRONMAN 70.3 Portugal, where this year the test is also held jointly Full IRONMAN.

In the competition of 70.3 there will be professional participation where there will surely be a great level of racing.

In the test several Spaniards appear registered with the Champions of Europe MD to the head Antonio Benito, although it seems that he will not go due to injury and  Helene Alberdi.

It will also be on the starting line Emilio Aguayo, although it can also be doubt due to injury and Axel Beci.

In addition to today, they are on the exit list Bart Aernaouts, Andrea Salvisberg, Romain Guillaume, Joao ferreira o Nils Frommhold among others in the men's event

In the female category we find triathletes like Nikki Bartlett, Nina Derron, Svenja Thoes, Marta Bernardi or the local Vanessa Pereira.

But surely there will be some last minute incorporation.

This is the complete listing

Male start list

BibNumber Athlete Country
1 William Mennesson FRA (France)
2 Menno Koolhaas NLD (Netherlands)
3 Dylan Magnien FRA (France)
4 Bart aernouts BEL (Belgium)
5 Anthony Benito Lopez ESP (Spain)
6 joao ferreira PRT (Portugal)
7 Nils Frommanhold DEU (Germany)
8 Thomas Davis GBR (United Kingdom)
9 Samuel Huerzeler CHE (Switzerland)
10 Andrea Salvisberg CHE (Switzerland)
11 James Teagle GBR (United Kingdom)
12 Tobias Dahl Thomsen DNK (Denmark)
13 leonard arnold DEU (Germany)
14 Erwan Jacoby FRA (France)
15 Marc Eggelling DEU (Germany)
16 Marcus Herbst DEU (Germany)
17 Rasmus Svenningsson SWE (Sweden)
18 Kristoffer Visti Graae DNK (Denmark)
20 Alberto Casillas LTU (Lithuania)
21 James McCallum ZAF (South Africa)
22 Michael Grabowski POL (Poland)
23 Joshua Lewis GBR (United Kingdom)
24 louis naeyaert BEL (Belgium)
25 Emilio Aguayo Munoz ESP (Spain)
26 Mathis Margier FRA (France)
27 Vincent Terrier FRA (France)
28 Georg Enzenberger AUT (Austria)
29 Will Munday GBR (United Kingdom)
30 Romain Guillaume FRA (France)
31 Balazs Csoke HUN (Hungary)
32 sebastian neef DEU (Germany)
33 Julian Erhardt DEU (Germany)
34 Stefan Schumacher DEU (Germany)
35 Theo Debard FRA (France)
36 Axel Beci ESP (Spain)
37 alexis rochat FRA (France)
38 Victor Alexander BEL (Belgium)
39 Anton Blokhin UKR (Ukraine)
40 Matt DeVroet NLD (Netherlands)
41 Nathan Guerber FRA (France)
42 Hampus Mansson SWE (Sweden)
43 Alexandre Nobre PRT (Portugal)
44 Philip Refslund DNK (Denmark)
45 peter santagati DEU (Germany)
46 Andrey Vrabii MDA (Moldova (Republic of))
47 Arthur Serrieres FRA (France)

Female start list

BibNumber Name Country
50 Nikki Bartlett GBR (United Kingdom)
51 Svenja Thoes DEU (Germany)
52 Jade Nicole Roberts ZAF (South Africa)
53 Martha Bernardi ITA (Italy)
54 Helene Alberdi ESP (Spain)
55 Nina Derron CHE (Switzerland)
57 Simone Kumhofer AUT (Austria)
58 Tara Grosvenor GBR (United Kingdom)
60 Jeanne Collonge FRA (France)
61 nicole falcaro USA (United States of America)
62 Lisa-Maria Dornauer AUT (Austria)
63 verena walter DEU (Germany)
64 Rose Weston GBR (United Kingdom)
65 Jenny Jendryschik DEU (Germany)
66 Kaidi Kivioja EST (Estonian)
67 Hillary Hughes IRL (Ireland)
68 Laura Addie GBR (United Kingdom)
69 anna bergsten SWE (Sweden)
70 Rachel Rock PRT (Portugal)
71 vanessa pereira PRT (Portugal)
72 lizzie rayner GBR (United Kingdom)
73 Melanie Bauman CHE (Switzerland)
74 Rachel Brown GBR (United Kingdom)
76 Charlotte Morell FRA (France)
77 Kate Curran GBR (United Kingdom)

There are no previous results.

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