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The starting list of the 2023 women's IRONMAN World Championship 

The world of triathlon is heating up again, as one of the most anticipated events of the year is approaching: the IRONMAN World Championship women's 2023.  

This year, the event will take place in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, on October 14 and will have a prize pool of $375.000. 

The Big Favorites 

Among the great favorites to win the title, stands out Chelsea Sodaro, last year's champion, who will wear the number 1 number.  

Not far from her, Lucy Charles-Barclay, four-time runner-up in the event, will wear bib number 2.  

Anne Haug, champion in 2019 and third last year, will wear bib number 3n and Daniela Ryf, five-time world champion, will seek her sixth title with the number 4. 

Surprises and Debutantes 

One of the big surprises on the starting list is Taylor Knibb, the American athlete who plans to make her debut in the full distance of IRONMAN in Kona.  

Taylor, who will wear the number 5, has just successfully defended his world title at the distance 70.3 in Lahti, Finland. 

But what makes his participation even more special is that he will compete alongside his mother, Leslie Knibb, an IRONMAN World Championship veteran who has competed in the event six times, achieving two podiums. 

Other athletes who could surprise are Melanie McQuaid, the first 50-year-old woman to qualify as a professional for the IRONMAN World Championship, and Jen Annett, both from Canada 

Also, we can't forget Kat matthews, from Great Britain, who has made an incredible comeback in competitions after being hit by a car while training for last year's edition. 

Gurutze Frades the Spanish participant 

Frades will be the only Spanish representative in the PRO category of the 2023 women's IRONMAN World Championship in Hawaii. 

 At 42 years old, this will be his seventh participation in the event in the professional category.  

In previous editions in Kona, he has managed to finish in 15th position both in 2019 and last year, 24th in 2018 and 22nd in 2017. In St. George 2022 'Guru' finished in 9th place. 

These are your shares 

Year Position
2019 ª 15
2018 ª 24
2017 ª 22
2016 ª 33

The Complete List 

In addition to the favorites, the full list includes more than 55 professional athletes and more than 2.000 women in age groups.  

BIB Last Name Name Country Represented
1 Sodaro Chelsea USA
2 Charles-Barclay Lucy GBR
3 Haug Anne DEU
4 Ryf Daniela CHE
5 Knibb Taylor USA
6 Philip Laura DEU
7 north SWE
8 Langridge Fenella GBR
9 Crowley Sarah AUS
10 Moench Skye USA
11 Siddall Laura GBR
12 Matthews Cat GBR
14 True Sarah USA
15 Friars Gurutze ESP
16 Simpson Kylie AUS
17 Wilms Lotte NLD
18 Astle Ruth GBR
19 Fisherman Els NLD
20 Robertson Jodie USA
21 Olive tree pamela BRA
22 Zilinskas Rachel USA
23 Lane Chloe AUS
24 McCauley Jocelyn USA
25 Stage Nielsen Maja DNK
26 Lewis Danielle USA
27 Clarke Rebecca NZL
28 Chura Haley USA
29 Thoes Svenja DEU
30 Kahlefeldt Radka CZE
31 Bleymehl Daniela DEU
32 Riveros Barbara CHL
33 Slater Penny AUS
34 Cheetham Susie USA
35 Brandon Lauren USA
36 Jerzyk Agnieszka POL
37 Carpenter Laura DEU
38 Jansen Laura DEU
39 Berry Hannah NZL
40 Collonge Jeanne FRA
41 Annett Jen CAN
42 McQuaid Melanie CAN
43 Konczalla Leonie DEU
44 Moriarty Fiona IRL
45 Svensk Sara SWE
46 Gillespie-Jones Kate AUS
47 Mathieux Justine FRA
48 Watt Alex USA
49 Thomas Sarah AUS
50 Borges de Andrade Mariana BRA
51 Hughes Hilary IRL
52 Brown Laura AUS
53 D Carla FRA
54 Genet Manon FRA
55 Vesterby Michelle DNK

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