List of all Spanish classified for Kona and numbers of the age groups

Spain will have a large participation, composed of 3 PROS, Noya, Raña and Guru in addition to 46 age groups 

Only 13 days remain for the great event of the world triathlon, the Ironman World Championship, that this year has a special incentive for the Spanish triathlon, since it supposes the debut in "The Mecca" of the triathlon of the best Spanish triathlete of all time: Javier Gomez Not now.

Together they will accompany you in the PRO category Ivan Frog, the first ITU elite world champion of the Spanish triathlon and Gurutze Friars, the only triathlete with three participations in Kona with the KPR system.

In addition to the three PROs, the presence of 46 triathletes of age groups also stands out. The most prominent names of "La Triarmada GGEE" are Iván Álvarez y Jaime Menéndez de Luarca, who participate in Hawaii for the sixth time, a record among the Spanish age groups.

The youngest will be Basque Julen Diez, with 24 years and the most veteran Josep Marín with 67. As far as female participation is concerned, this year there will only be two triathletes, Leonor Font y Juana Criado, who will be the most veteran Spanish to compete in Hawaii.

List of numbers of Spanish triathletes Age Groups

Spanish list Ironman Hawaii 2018



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