The Godoy brothers, champions of the Triatló de la Vila

The Vila Barcelona Triathlon has gathered 2600 athletes today in the Olympic Port. At the foot of the Hotel Arts, the third stage of the WILD WOLF Triathlon Series by POLAR has been a successful participation, but it has also been distinguished by its fantastic atmosphere. Cesc Godoy and his sister Anna have been the winners of this great final of Barcelona's largest popular triathlon circuit in Spain.


The winner of last year's Trialtó de la Vila is repeated, the Catalan Cesc Godoy (CN Barcelona) revalidates the title with a time of 57'58 ”. Xavi Llobet (Club Trialtó Passatge) arrived just ten seconds behind Cesc, and Albert Parreño (CD Fasttriatlon) completed the podium in 58'22 ”.

After Madrid and Castellón, the great Spanish Triathlon party has invaded the Olympic Port of Barcelona this weekend. The celebration began yesterday Saturday with a sports fair located in the Moll de Mestral, animated by the big brands and other professionals in the sector, where the participants also collected their numbers. But the great show took place this morning, with the most massive sprint distance triathlon in Spain. Between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m., athletes of all profiles took one of the 7 planned outings on the Somorrostro beach, which brought together more than 2600 triathletes in the Olympic area of ​​Barcelona. All of them were encouraged by the fans who, taking advantage of the high temperatures from mid-morning, approached the circuit creating a unique atmosphere.

Despite coming out of the water first, and starting the section of the race on foot ahead of Godoy, Xavi Llobet could not prevent the Catalan from taking the victory, so desired by him when competing at home. “In Barcelona I had to win. I saw that I was getting closer to Xavi, and in the race I pushed to catch up with him. It is always very gratifying to compete in the Trialtó de la Vila because it is the opportunity for family and friends to see what I do throughout the year, and I also like how it is organized ”.

El WILD WOLF Triathlon Series by POLAR It could not end in a better way than by making a double in the Godoy family. As Anna Godoy, who has led the race from the beginning, has also been proclaimed champion crossing the finish line in 1h06'37”, followed by Anna Flaquer (1h08'46”) from the Calella Triathlon Team, and Laura Gómez (1h20'33”) from the Calella Triathlon Club. Sabadell swim.

“I saw that I was ahead of the second triathlete in the 3 sections of the course, but I couldn't relax at any time. I am very excited to share victory with my brother for the third time. It is also a pleasure to run with the environment that has been experienced today here in Barcelona ”, Anna Godoy commented when arriving at the goal.

In the relay category, the CUSCUS Y TAJIN team completed the best time with 1h 06'01 ”, followed by EXTREM 3 at 1h 07'34” and MARINA TEAM at 1h 09'35 ”.

Finally, in the DIR Aquathlon that was held for the first year at the Trialtó de la Vila, Alex Zanuy (DIR) achieved victory with a time of 38'04 ”. Daniel Maroto (39'13 ”) and Antonio Polo from Club Natació Badia (40'37”) were classified in second and third place respectively.


This year Wild Wolf comes to be part of the team as the main sponsor of the event together with Polar, a world leader in training computers, both demonstrating their great involvement with this sporting event that will tour the entire national territory.

After this spectacular weekend, WILD WOLF Triathlon Series by Polar He is going to Andorra for the first time next weekend, July 29, where more than 700 triathletes are expected to participate.

Sprint Male Results:

1- Cesc Godoy (CN Barcelona) / 00:57:58

2- Xavi Llobet (Club Triatló Passatge) / 00:58:08

3- Albert Parreño (CD Fasttriatlon) / 00:58:22

Female Sprint Results:

1- Anna Godoy (CN Barcelona) / 01:06:37

2- Anna Flaquer (Team Calella Triathlon) / 01:08:46

3- Laura Gómez (Sabadell Swimming Club) / 01:10:33

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