The triathletes are overturned with the candidacy of Marisol Married

The triathletes turn to the president of the International Triathlon Union (ITU), Marisol Casado. To that end, triathletes from all countries have created a web page to collect signatures in support of the candidacy of the Spanish.

For triathletes, Casado is the best possible leader for the ITU. Someone who can comply with the organism's commitments regarding the performance of safe, fair and non-use testing of doping substances; provide the means so that the triathletes have an active representation in the decision making of the ITU and increase the prizes that the triathletes can obtain.

Marisol Casado has been exercising her position with great dedication since she was elected at 2008. Throughout these four years the triathlon has evolved from the hand of its president. His commitment to triathlon has been a huge boom for our sport: at the level of international events, international prestige, significant increase in prizes for athletes, among other achievements.

Also his membership as member of the IOC, in the body that governs Olympic sport, has also benefited extraordinarily the triathlon; contributing to its continued growth and popularity.

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