Lucy Charles bets on a new distance in 2024 

The British triathlon star, Lucy Charles Barclay, IRONMAN world champion, has announced her goals for the next season.  

After an impressive performance in Kona last October, where she broke the course record, the 30-year-old triathlete will focus on shorter distances in 2024. 

Lucy, trains throughout the year at Club La Santa de Lanzarote 

A New Approach to Competition 

Charles-Barclay, who is currently ranked fourth in the PTO world rankings, plans to compete in the 100 km series which will be announced later this month. 

Despite having excelled in longer distances, including the middle-distance triathlon and the IRONMAN 70.3 world title, this year the athlete will seek challenges in shorter and faster formats. 

Adaptation to New Challenges 

In a recent YouTube video, Charles-Barclay explained that his personal goal for this year is the PTO Series, where he wants to see how far he can go in a format he has never fully focused on before.  

The British triathlete has already shown her potential in the PTO series, taking third place at the European Open in Ibiza and fifth place at the Asian Open in Singapore last year. 

In addition to her focus on competitions, Lucy Charles-Barclay shares valuable tips on goal setting, both in his sporting and personal life. 

 Highlights the importance of set goals at any time, not only at the beginning of the year, and the balance between being ambitious and realistic.  

One of your personal goals for this year is increase your water consumption, a small but significant step towards optimal health.  

In the sports field, Your focus is on the PTO Series, cwith the strong desire to win specific races.  

Charles-Barclay also emphasizes the importance of adapting and readjusting goals in the face of setbacks, as well as the need to reward oneself and continually set new goals. 

Another exciting initiative is the creation of Team Charles-Barclay Cycling Club on Zwift, a virtual platform that allows cyclists and triathletes to train and compete in an interactive environment. 

The club seeks to build a positive community where members can earn a team jersey within the game.  

This initiative reflects their desire to give back to the community and provide an opportunity for fans and followers to come together and share their passion for cycling and triathlon. 

Potential for Victory 

With multiple middle distance wins and an IRONMAN 70.3 world title under her belt, Charles-Barclay is confident in her ability to compete in this fast and furious format.  

Although he will still likely participate in the Ironman series at some point during the year, his main focus will be on the PTO Series, where he has specific races marked as his main goals. 

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