Madrid 2012: With the help of Polar, the triathlon season begins successfully

Less than eight weeks after the start of the first of the great WILD WOLF Triathlon Series by POLAR triathlon events, Madrid begins to become a veritable hotbed of triathletes who take advantage of the first days of spring to carry out their training sessions to successfully complete their objectives of this year 2012.


There are many who will attend the Casa de Campo in Madrid on June 17 to participate in the first of one of the appointments of the national triathlon WILD WOLF Triathlon Series by POLAR.

In addition, this year WILD WOLF joins the team as the main sponsor of the event together with POLAR, a world leader in training computers, both demonstrating their great involvement with this sporting event that will travel throughout the Iberian Peninsula throughout the summer.

For the organization of an event of this size it is very important to have the support of a brand like Polar. In the words of Esther Noguera, Polar Marketing Manager, “POLAR's commitment to triathlon, in addition to sponsoring elite athletes such as Eneko Llanos and Virginia Berasategui, goes through the sponsorship of sporting events where athletes of all levels can participate. We want to bring the triathlon to the more people the better. These actions allow us to bring our products and technology closer to the consumer and thus reinforce our positioning as a brand in this sporting discipline that has more practitioners every day. At POLAR we are interested in knowing the needs and concerns of athletes and the sponsorship of the WILD WOLF Triathlon Series and all the parallel actions that we develop, allow us to share experiences with them "

Many triathletes are aware of the importance of using a heart rate monitor both in training and in competition. “The use of the heart rate monitor is recommended in the practice of any sports discipline. Heart rate control helps the triathlete to train at the appropriate intensity based on their goals and their physical condition, providing them with all the necessary information about the workouts so that they can later analyze them and follow their evolution. The heart rate monitor offers you training guides to motivate the athlete and get the most out of each session. There are more and more triathletes who use the heart rate monitor as an essential tool to improve their performance, improve their physical shape or take care of themselves.

Finally, Esther Noguera, wanted to appeal to everyone to practice this exciting sport “Triathlon combines three very complete sports that are worked on in training individually but without ever losing joint vision and seeking balance. On the other hand, the different distances allow any athlete to practice this discipline regardless of their level. The degree of demand is set by oneself. From Polar we encourage everyone who likes sport to participate in any of the WILD WOLF Series by POLAR appointments, because it is a great popular triathlon party in which you can share a great experience with people with the same passion for this sport , because the organization pampers every detail, because the routes are adapted to any level and in general, because of the good atmosphere that is breathed ... For this, and for much more, from POLAR we recommend that you do not miss these great appointments that will travel the Spanish territory throughout the summer "

Madrid will be the first of the great events of the WILD WOLF Triathlon Series by POLAR. Remind everyone that the registration period is now open through the web:

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