Bad day for Noya at IRONMAN 70.3 Taupo 

This morning a new edition of the IRONMAN 70.3 in Taupo was held, where the triathletes Kyle Smith y Hannah Berry They emerged victorious. 

The day was marked by the unexpected abandonment of Javier Gómez Noya who was one of the favorites to take the victory. 

Kyle Smith He took victory in the men's category with a final time of 3:44:30, closely followed by Jack Moody and Kurt McDonald.  

Top 5 Men

  • Kyle Smith (NZL) - 3: 44: 30 
  • Jack Moody (NZL) - 3: 45: 19 
  • Kurt McDonald (AUS) - 3: 45: 21 
  • Braden Currie (NZL) - 3: 47: 41 
  • Ben Hamilton (NZL) - 3: 48: 24

In the women's competition, Hannah Berry She won with authority, clocking a time of 4:14:59, beating Lotte Wilms and Rebecca Clarke. 

Top 5 Feminine

  • Hannah Berry (NZL) - 4: 14: 59 
  • Lotte Wilms (NED) - 4: 20: 30 
  • Rebecca Clarke (NZL) - 4: 21: 46 
  • Hannah Knighton (NZL) - 4: 32: 55 
  • Deborah Fuller (NZL) - 4: 35: 46 

 Noya's retreat 

However, the news of the day was the withdrawal of Gómez Noya, who had started leading the test. 

After an excellent performance in swimming, the Galician triathlete faced difficulties in the cycling segment, including a penalty for drafting and a puncture, which finally led him to abandon the competition. 

Noya commented in his social media "Ehe day started well at 70.3 Taupo. Good swimming, taking command from 200m and leaving the water first.  

From the beginning we cycled a group of 3, led by the great Kyle Smith, generating enough watts to light up Taupo at night. 

 It was the perfect racing situation for me. But at km 55, after a turning point, they gave me a blue card for drafting. Which I couldn't disagree more with, but that's no use.  

For the first time in my career I served the 5min penalty. Upon remounting, the truth is that my mind was no longer on the race, I simply wanted to get to T2, run and finish the day. 

But to make the day a little worse, a few kms later I punctured the front tire and that's when I "closed the beach bar" and headed home. 

Congratulations to Kyle for the victory, being the strongest of the day, Jack Moody for the comeback on foot and Kurt McDonald for always being ahead and getting third place. Better days will come"· 


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