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Marcos Pérez and Míriam Vega winners of the Full Ican Triathlon Gandia 2019.

Simone Werner and Marcos Pérez long distance regional champions.

On Saturday at 8 in the morning the sixth edition of the Full, Half & Short Ican Triathlon Gandia.

With more than 1.000 participants, the port of the capital of Safor was preparing to hold the longest distance triathlon test in the entire Valencian Community. In addition, there would be a medium distance and short distance triathlon.

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Short distance

The first to take the start were the Short participants, who had to complete 1,3km of swimming, 30km of cycling and 7km of running. Tf the first segment Celia Alanzor and Joan Muñoz led the short competition, with a significant distance from their pursuers.

One after another they got on the bike, to face a segment that this time would have to be played in non-drafting mode, that is to say that between a triathlete and another there should be 12 meters away, not being able to form platoons.

After the 30 kilometers of cycling, there were changes in the head of the race, with Naomi Martínez as the female leader and Manuel Regidor as the leader of the men's race. Ahead 7 kilometers of foot race awaited before crossing the finish line.

Finally and after setting the best time in this third segment, Sandra Piera, from CEA Bétera, was proclaimed winner of the II Short Ican Triathlon Gandia. In second position Ana Caleya, from Tri Infinity Móstoles, crossed the finish line. Third place went to the CEA Bétera triathlete, Naomi Martíne

z. In the men's competition, he was proclaimed winner of the Short Manuel Regidor distance, of the Marlins Triathlon Madrid club. In second position was Mario Somoza, from CDE Aguaverde. In third position came the triathlete from the Valencian club CEC Antella Frutas Tono Alejandro Sanz, José Lluch.

Half Distance

At 8.15 am the start was given for the participants in Half distance. The more than 400 registered in this distance would have to cover 1,9km of swimming, 90km of cycling and 21km of running on foot.

The first triathlete of this distance to set foot in the arena would be David Maroto.In females, Romane Cizeron came out of the water in first position. Triathlete after triathlete came out of the water and got on their bikes to complete the three laps corresponding to the cycling circuit.

After almost three hours of competition, José María Donoso went down to run in first position. In females, Romane Cizeron continued to lead their competition in the second transition.

Finally and after completing the half marathon, Alberto Gomez, from the Ondarreta Alcorcón Triathlon club, proclaims himself the winner of the Half Ican Triathlon Gandia, with a total time of 04:06:48. In second position he reached the finish line Rafael Madrid, of the Albacete Triathlon. Third place went to the local club triathlete, Carles Escrivá.

In the women's competition, she was proclaimed winner of the Half distance, Pilar Sebastian, from Biciletas Pina - Fundación Azierta - Toledo, with a total time of 04:50:03. Second came Romane Cizeron, from ASM Saint Etienne Triathlon 42. The third classified was the triathlete of the club Tutriatlon.comTeresa Ribes

Full distance

The last to take the start were the triathletes who were going to contest the Full distance, 3,8km of swimming, 180km of cycling, 42km of running.

This competition would be in charge of deciding the long distance regional champions. In the first segment, triathletes would have to complete two laps on the swimming circuit.

The first triathlete to reach the first transition would be Marcos Pérez. In women, Andrea Memminguer would do the same. All the participants got out of the water and got on their bikes to complete the six cycling laps.

In this second segment and after completing the 180 kilometers, Ignacio Ruiz took the lead in the men's race. In women, Andrea Memminguer continued to lead the competition after cycling. Ahead of them was a marathon, which after seven laps of the circuit would take them to the finish line.

Finally, he was proclaimed winner of the VI Full Ican Triathlon Gandia, Marcos Pérez, from the Orihuela Triathlon club, with a time of 09:01:51. In second position came Cameron Keast, from CT Hurricane The Bike Run. Third place would go to Luis Miguel Ruiz, of the SBC Team Silverback.

In females after a tough third segment of the foot race, she was crowned the winner of the full distance Miriam Vega. Second and tas an incredible marathon, reached the finish line Simone Werner, from Tuvalum Poblats Maritims. Third place went to the local triathlete Cristina Moya, from Tripublidom.

The regional podiums

Marcos Pérez, from the Orihuela Triathlon club, in turn proclaimed himself the autonomous champion of long distance triathlon. The runner-up went to Cameron Keast of CT Hurricane The Bike Run. In third position, Marcos Pastor took the podium.

Simone Werner, from the Tuvalum Poblats Maritims, climbed to the top of the regional podium. Second place went to Cristina Moya, from Tripublidom.

After more than 15 hours of competition, at 23:XNUMX the finish was closed, with great satisfaction both from the participants, who were able to enjoy an incredible day of triathlon, both on the side of the organization, which ended a tough Triathlon session with the feeling of a job well done.

In 2020 we will surely experience a new edition of the Full, Half & Short Ican Triathlon Gandia.


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