MARINA DAMLAIMCOURT "This 2013 I'm going to try with the Half Distance"

After the excellent race that made the triathlete from Madrid Marina Damlaimcourt during the Olympic Games of London 2012 today has been confirmed his objective to participate in tests of Media Distance during the 2013 season "As many of you already know this year, I'm going to try the middle distance, without forgetting the Olympic distance with and without drafting"


The Olympic triathlete already beginning her workouts in which she is emphasizing her strength sessions in the preseason.


In this way, Marina will join other Spanish triathletes on the international scene such as Iván Raña and Saleta Castro among others, who have already decided to take the step from the Olympic distance to the medium and long distance, achieving meritorious results this 2012 and who thus join the hundreds of popular triathletes who also sign up to this challenge of being Finisher in in 2013, although in the case of Marina she will continue to do Olympic distance tests.


There are no previous results.

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