Mario Mola getting closer to his third world cup

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If he won one more victory and a second place in the next two races, he would reach the Grand Final as World Champion

After the appointment of Hamburg, only 2 WTS events remain with the Grand Final to be held this year in Gold Coast to meet the 2018 Triathlon World Champion.

Mario Mola has participated in five WTS tests getting the victory in Hamburg y Yokohama, two seconds in Abu Dhabi y Leeds and a fourth place in Bermuda, this being the worst result to date.

Regarding the calendar 3 appointments remain to be disputed, Edmonton (27-28 Julio), Montreal (25-26 August) and Gold Coast (15-16 Sept)

The Ranking

Mario Mola leads the ranking with 4.641 points followed by Vicent Luis (3.133) and for Richard Murray (2.506) that climbs to third place. Fernando Alarza (2.156) is sixth Antonio Serrat (725) 34º, Uxío Abuín (433) 39º and Vicente Hernández (251) 53º.

Ranking World Series Men's Triathlon Hamburg

The calculations to know the World Champion will be made with the five best scores throughout the season plus the points in the Grand Final. The grand la gives a higher score than a WS test, which means 1250 points are at stake for the winner

It is still early to make pools, but Mario Mola depends on himself to get the title, if he got one more victory and a second place in the next two races, he would reach the Grand Final as World Champion

In the female category, everything is much more open, Katie Zaferes remains as leader with 3.493 points followed by Rachel Klamer (2.639) that goes up to the second position and Vicky Holland (2.579) third.

As for the Spanish Carolina Routier is the 42nd, Anna Godoy the 68th and Sara Pérez the 69th

Ranking World Series Hamburg Women's Triathlon

Photo: Tommy Zaferes

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