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Mario Mola wins the WTS of Abu Dhabi 2019 and Fernando Alarza third

Impressive performance of Alex Yee of 21 years that has finished in second position

Today the first round of the Triathlon World Series was held in Abu Dhabi, usual appointment in the last 5 years to open the circuit, where two Spaniards had already achieved victory, Mario Mola (2015, 2016 and 2018) and Javier Gómez Noya (2017 in Olympic distance)

In the starting list were the 10 best triathletes of last year in the Ranking, led by Mario Mola with the number 1 on the number. Everything pointed to what was going to be a test "All against Mola"Since the Mallorcan is the great rival to beat in the WTS 2019. As for the rest of the Spaniards, Fernando Alarza, Vicente Hernández y Antonio Serrat who competes in his first season as an elite.

Although this year it has not rained like last year, we have seen several falls just in the exit curve of the pits, giving it a point of risk when passing the peloton in that area.

Video output of the test

The test that was played on distance sprint, began at 11: 06 Spanish time with the 750 meters of swimming course, without neoprene, where the fastest was Richard Varga, one of the best swimmers of the circuit, followed by Henri Schoeman and by Vicent Luis. Mario Mola went to 13 seconds, Fernando Alarza to 19, Antonio Serrat to 33 and Vicente Hernández to 36. As soon as he left, Varga suffered a fall that caused him to lose a lot of time.

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The group left very stretched, which made that in the first meters of the 20 cycling segment kilometers to 5 laps, the 3 head tried to march,

In the passage through the first round was formed a group of 15 where Mola and Alarza were not, who were in the pursuer group to 16 seconds, where little by little they were cutting time to go through the third round and all the unified squad with the two Spaniards in top positions and the rest of favorites.

Cyclist peloton video

After the 20 kilometers of the segment all the favorites came together to face the last 5 kilometers of running, with a very fast transition where Hyden Wilde was the fastest and started running as the first race going solo.

Behind the rest of favorites where Mario Mola and Fernando Alarza, who left quite late in the T2. Both were slowly climbing positions in search of Wilde who was still in the lead. The young British Alex Yee, with a large career sector, was second.

In the passage through the first round, Wilde passed first with two seconds on Alex Yee and Mario Mola who came together from behind. Fernando Alarza passed sixth to 5 seconds. On the last lap, we saw a nice duel between Mola and Yee, who were exchanging changes of pace, leaving behind the New Zealander Wilde

Finally in the last meters of the test, Mario Mola It was hardening the pace to leave the British a few meters behind and get the victory with a final time of 00: 52: 00. Alex Yee (0: 52: 04) was second followed by Fernando Alarza (00: 52: 12) that entered in third position. Vicente Hernández it was 20º and Antonio Serrat 22 º

top10-wtsabudhabi-2019 Mario Mola wins the WTS of Abu Dhabi 2019 and Fernando Alarza third News Triathlon
Top 10 Men's WTS Ab Dhabi 2019

Throughout the season it will be necessary to take into account the young British Alex Yee, who with only 21 years has already achieved the victory in the last World Cup of Cape Down, and points out that it will have to be taken into account in this season. His great handicap in swimming, since in the race on foot he has already shown that he has great qualities.

Currently Spain has 3 seats for the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020.

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