More than 1000 participants in the Triathlon of Cambrils

A total of 1.100 athletes, distributed in the Olympic and sprint, have put their grain of sand to bring the Triathlon of Cambrils into the privileged group of triathlons with more participation from Catalonia.



At eight o'clock in the morning athletes enrolled in the Olympic modality jumped into the water. Flat waves and two turns to a circuit that was perfectly visible in its totality for the public that filled a good stretch of the seafront. In just over 21 minutes Gaugeric Piqué completed the 1.500 meters of swimming and stepped on the sand followed closely by Sergi González and Ignacio Fernández. 


After transitioning to cycling, a group of six triathletes began the chase of the top three. For her part, Chus Santos was the first female to get out of the water, closely followed by Anna Ymbern and Leonor Font. At the end of the bike section, Ignacio Fernández was the leader of the competition, followed by a calculator Fernando Zorrilla and by Gerard Baella. Also in the women's category, the classification took a tumble and Alessia Bertolino entered the pits ahead of Olga Pons and Núria Rivas.

The 10 kilometers of foot race along the seafront of Cambrils have served Fernando Zorrilla to underpin his triumph and, in fact, to the passage through the kilometer 5 the distance with the pursuers already seemed insurmountable. In the end, 2 hours and 5 minutes has been the time of the winner. Sergi González It has also been squeezed in the sector on foot and has managed to take second place. Ignacio Fernández completed the podium.

In the women's category Leonor Font was the first to cross the finish line with a time of 2 hours 26 minutes and a tight sprint decided the order of the next two steps of the podium. Alessia Bertolino took the second place ahead of Núria Rivas.

At eleven o'clock in the morning and with the sun in full height, the sprint mode started. Quim Sánchez, which has opened an important hole in the bicycle section, won with authority with a time of 1 hour and 5 minutes. The local athlete Alex Llaveria sand did with the second place and the third place was for Gerard Marsal. Right behind him came a plenary Eva Ledesma. The one of athlete of Lleida already had made the transition to the bicycle within Top 8 and in the race on foot it has made use all its potential to sign a spectacular end of test.


The awards ceremony was attended by the Mayor, Merce Dalmau, the territorial representative of Sports of the Generalitat, Gemma Solé, and the sports councilor of the City of Cambrils, Lluis Abella.


The organizers of the event, appreciate the confidence placed in the event by all participants, institutions, sponsors, and especially the team of volunteers who have made it possible for the II edition of the Triathlon of Cambrils has been a successful participation.


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PHOTOS: Jordi Sanvisens

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