More than 3.000 athletes in the Bilbao Multisport Triathlon European Championship

The Championship that will bring together 8.000 people and whose economic impact is estimated at 10 million euros.

The countdown begins for Mul Triathlon European Championshiptidesport Bilbao Bizkaia 2022 to be disputed between 17 and September 24 at four venues in Biscay: Bilbao, Enkarterri-Balmaseda, Urdaibai-Bermeo, Getxo-Portugalete.

Expectation is high for the largest triathlon event to be held in Spain and that will put at stake a dozen continental titles through the six disciplines that comprise this Multisport Triathlon European Championship and its different categories.

At the official presentation of the event, back in February 2021, the initial forecasts for participation were estimated at 3.000 athletes, a figure that is on track to be exceeded according to the latest data.

In fact, expectations are already above 3.000, which demonstrates the enormous interest that this championship has aroused among triathlon practitioners, which will be a great sports festival in the Bilbao Bizkaia territory.

The Duathlon and the Middle Distance Triathlon, which will bring together more athletes

 According to the figures handled by the Organizing Committee formed by the Bilbao City Council, the Bizkaia Provincial Council and the Spanish Triathlon Federation (FETRI), sponsored by the International Triathlon Federation (ETU), there are up to 3.020 athletes who will participate in the different tests and categories.

According to forecasts, the Duathlon will bring together more than 800 athletes for a test that will be held in Bilbao on September 17 and 18 and that will serve as the starting signal for the European Championship.

For its part, the Medium Distance Triathlon, the test that will close the Championship on September 24 in the Bilbao capital, will bring together some 780 triathletes.

The Bilbao Estuary, always present, and iconic places such as the Guggenheim Museum, the Maritime Museum, the University of Deusto or the City Hall, will be the epicenter of the two queen events.

The Aquathlon competition, which will take place at the Portugalete-Getxo venue on September 23, will bring together more than 500 athletes willing to cover the kilometer swim and the five-kilometer run with the emblematic Bizkaia Bridge as a witness.

A thousand athletes for the Cros Duathlon, Cros Triathlon and Aquabike

Forecasts indicate that nearly a thousand participants will compete in the tests of the second week of the event.

In this way, the Cross Duathlon, which will be held at the Enkarterri-Balmaseda venue on September 20, will bring together 240 athletes who will enjoy a tour that includes the Church of San Severino next to the Town Hall, the Plaza de los Fueros or the Old Bridge, among other incomparable places for this discipline that mixes mountain biking and running.

For its part, the Cros Triathlon will attract 380 participants in the test that will be held at the Urdaibai-Bermeo venue on September 22.

Lamera Park will be the transition and finish area for a championship that includes swimming, mountain biking and running.

For its part, the forecasts for the Aquabike, the championship that will be held on the last day of the European Championship, rise to 320 people who will tour the most iconic places in Bilbao on September 24, the date on which the European Championship will be put to a close .

One month to close registration

 It should be remembered that the registration deadline will take place on August 31, a single date for the six disciplines of the European Championship: Duathlon, Cross Duathlon, Aquathlon, Cross Triathlon, Aquabike and Middle Distance Triathlon. The Age Groups and the Open Test, the two categories that will bring together the most athletes, have their classification and registration criteria.

 Spanish athletes can still benefit from discounts

Athletes with a license from the Spanish Triathlon Federation can enjoy until August 17 an average bonus on their registrations of up to 40%, thanks to the subsidy provided by the Organizing Committee to promote national participation, as well as performed in previous competitions.

8.000 people from 30 countries and with an economic impact in the territory of €10 million

 The rate of registrations is higher than expected and the forecast of bringing together 8.000 people between athletes and companions, from 30 different European countries is maintained.

They will be able to enjoy not only the sports part but also all the attractions of the region with complementary activities to make it a unique experience.

It is estimated that the Championship will leave a figure of around 10 million euros in the territory, which confirms that sport is not only an important benefit for mental and physical health, but also represents an important economic engine.

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