Mathias Petersen wins at IRONMAN Austria

Today has been held in the city of Klagenfurt, Austria, a new edition of the IRONMAN Austria, where the victory has been for Mathias Petersen.

In the male category, the victory has been for Petersen with a final time of 07: 56: 39, followed by Cameron Wurf with a time of 08:02:42, and for Georg Enzenberger with a time of 08:08:28, occupying the third position.

Emilio Aguayo DNF

The IRONMAN Austria, which took place this Sunday, June 18, had the participation of high-level triathletes.

Among them, the Spanish Emilio Aguayo, recent Spanish Triathlon LD Champion was looking for a slot for the IRONMAN world championship in Nice in this test.

Emilio came out of the water in a group close to the head of the race but in the cycling segment he lost contact with the group and had to complete a large part of the route alone, although he reached T2 sixth but more than 14 minutes behind the leaders .

In the foot race, Aguayo could not maintain a good rhythm and finally, unfortunately, he withdrew after completing the half marathon.

winning times

Petersen's performance in the water, on the bike and in the race was impressive.

  • His average speed in the water was 01:14 min/100m.
  • On the bicycle, his average speed was 41.88 km/h.
  • In the run, he maintained a pace of 15.34 km/h, which is equivalent to a pace of 3:55 min/km.

Top 10

Job title Athlete Final time Difference
1 Mathias Petersen 07:56:39
2 Cameron Wurf 08:02:42 + 06: 02.64
3 Georg Enzenberger 08:08:28 + 11: 49.10
4 Gergo Badar 08:09:01 + 12: 21.83
5 Arnaud Guilloux 08:12:27 + 15: 47.54
6 Dylan magnien 08:14:20 + 17: 40.43
7 Maximilian hammerle 08:16:01 + 19: 21.26
8 Andrej Vistica 08:18:41 + 22: 01.45
9 Ivan Tutukin 08:19:04 + 22: 24.63
10 Tim Van Hemel 08:20:26 + 23: 47.10

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