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The 20 marathons that you would have to run once in a lifetime

This year more than 2.500 marathons will take place in 115 quel countries and destinations where you combine the pleasure of traveling with sports are infinite

With the excuse of running to travel or traveling to run, there are many runners who travel kilometers and kilometers to earn the asphalt of a big city, challenge the heights of the highest peaks or, simply, discover new places doing what they love : run.

According to data from the largest directory of marathons, Ahotu Marathons, this year more than 2.500 marathons in 115 countries so the destinations where combining the pleasure of traveling with sport are endless! To help runners better plan their vacations around a race, Home Togo has prepared a list of20 best marathons that you must run once in life along with all  information that you need to know before enrolling in each of them.   

To make the choice even easier, the marathons have been classified inFour different categories: the most familiar, the most supportive, the funniest and the most popular. So, whether you're a first-time marathon runner, a professional runner, a parent or you like running for a good cause, there's a marathon for you!

More familiar marathons 

If you are a runner with children, Alfonso Alfonso Marathon of Valencia, Maratona di Roma or la Sapphire Palma Marathon are the ideal for you. Classified as the 3 best family marathons, they stand out for the large number of parallel activities they offer to enjoy with the whole family.

From the Paella Party in the Valencia Marathon to the non-competitive race designed for children in the Marathon of Rome, Stracittadina Fun Run, going through a Breakfast Run or Pasta Party in the Marathon of Palma; Fun for young and old is more than guaranteed!     

More solidarity marathons   

Doing your bit to improve the world by running is possible! Among the most solidarity marathons in the world, the London Marathon where last year the leaders raised 61.5 million pounds, more than 7 millions of euros destined for charity.

In the Spanish field, the Zurich Marató de Barcelona that managed to get more than 86.000 € in 2018 and the EDP ​​Vitoria-Gasteiz Martin Fiz Marathon that this year will capsize with ataxia telangiectasia as a cause of solidarity. 

Funniest marathons 

Can you imagine running with live music or disguised as your favorite character? In the  Rock'n'Roll Madrid Marathon, EDP ​​San Fermín Bilbao Night Marathon, You can do this and much more! As the name indicates, in the Rock 'n' Roll Madrid Marathon you will run to the rhythm of rock & roll thanks to musical performances in different sections of the route and a music festival at the finish line.

Do not worry that in the EDP San Fermín you will not have to run in front of the bulls but you will have the opportunity to run in the Plaza de Toros de Navarra. In the Bilbao Night Marathon you will discover the night of Bilbao in a different way.    

Most popular marathons 

For those who want to conquer the asphalt of a big city and at the same time fulfill the dream of any long distance runner to run one of the World Marathon Majors; New York, Boston o Chicago They are your destinies.

The New York Marathon will take you through the five districts of the city, making you discover all its contrasts. For its part, the Boston Marathon stands out for being the oldest in the world and was inspired by the 1896 Athens Olympics. At the Chicago Marathon you will feel acclaimed by the large number of spectators from all over the world who they are grouped in the streets showing all support to the runners. 

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