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Less than six months for the Long Course Weekend Mallorca, an LD in three days

Little by little the date of the second edition of the Long Course Weekend Mallorca is approaching, a sports festival that you can not miss, the best way to end your season in a big way.


The following days 27, 28 and 29 October The II edition of Long Course Weekend Mallorca (LCW) will be held, a unique sports festival in Spain for triathletes, swimmers, cyclists and runners, being able to enjoy a unique event for three days, combining the three sports of an LD triathlon in three days in a row: swimming on Saturday, cycling on Sunday and running on Monday, where participants can also choose between different distances according to the preferences of each of them.

The LCW Mallorca will have its epicenter in the town of Alcúdia, a reference for cyclists and triathletes from all over the world during the 365 days of the year. In Alcúdia the Ironman 70.3 Mallorca is also celebrated, the most multitudinous race of the Ironman franchise.

 Reasons to participate in LWC Mallorca

As we have explained in previous articles, the LCW Mallorca is a unique and different test. Its main characteristic is that It is developed in three days, in each of them dedicated to a sport and it is a test focused not only on triathletes but also on all types of athletes who are also passionate about swimming, cycling and running.

You can combine the days of competition as one wishes. In addition to the possibility of competing the three days in each one of the disciplines of the triathlon, an athlete can choose to do only one sport on his or her corresponding day, or two, that is, for example, whoever wants to could swim on Saturday and take a test Running on Monday, or just cycling on Sunday ... the combinations are many, if we also take into account that every day there are also several distances so that everyone participates in the one that they like the most.

All participants who complete one of the distances will receive their corresponding medal, you can compete every day and even fight to become a "Legend" by completing the greatest distance each day. There is a special recognition in the form of a fourth medal for those athletes capable of taking part daily in the long distance segment (3.800 m of swimming, 172 km of cycling and 42.195 m running) becoming 'finishers' of LCW Mallorca and achieving the prized fourth medal that unites the others obtained.

Next we show you the calendar of tests and the options to choose in each of the days:

Swim Day

On Saturday 27 in October will be the "Swim Day", where participants can choose between four different crossings: 750, 1.500, 1.900 or 3.800m that will take place in the calm and crystal clear waters of the bay of l'Alcudia.

Bike Day

The next day, Sunday 28 will celebrate the "Bike Day", where athletes can choose between 2 different tests, one of 172 km and another of 86 km. Both routes will run through the Natural Park of Mallorca s'Albufera, Can Picanfort, Santa Margalida, Siney, Llubí, Muro and Sa Pobla. Two circuits will be given to those who prefer the 172km while a single round of the 86km route. Both tests end in l'Alcudia.

Run Day

Finally Monday 29 will be the "Run Day", with four different options to compete: 5, 10, 21 or 42 km. All the tests will run along the beach promenade, next to the sea, in a very nice route with great views of the sea.

A new and inclusive sports format that allows a participation for all those who want to combine sport with fun.

All the information can be found at www.lcwmallorca.com

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