Miquel Blanchart seeks his qualification for Kona at the Ironman in Zurich

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The Catalan triathlete disputes this Sunday the Ironman of Zurich, with the intention of adding the maximum points possible to face the World Cup in Hawaii.

Miquel Blanchart currently occupies the 71ª place in the KPR ranking with 2340 points, and is the third Spanish after Javier Gomez Noya e Ivan Frog, who are already mathematically qualified for the Hawaii World Cup.

Miquel Blanchart - Road to Kona

Miquel has two fourth positions (IM Barcelona and IM Mar del Plata) and one seventh (IM Lanzarote) so in Zurich you need to improve that position to score points, since they score a maximum of three Ironman. This year the classification for Kona is "more expensive" than in other editions. In previous years with 3.000 points a triathlete got his qualification for Hawaii, but this season will surely need more points.

El Ironman de Zurich It consists of 3.800 meters of swimming in Lake Zurich to a single lap. Later the triathletes will cover the 180 km of cycling, divided into two laps of 90 km with much of the route next to the lake and another part a bit more broken. In total there will be more than 1.300m of positive height difference. Finally the marathon is 4 turns of 10,25 km until totaling the 42,2 km.

Miquel Blanchart - Road to Kona

The favorites to victory are Ronnie Schildknecht, Jan Van Berkel, Wild Ruedi y Andreas Giglmayr. He is also registered Cameron throw, who in case of taking the exit would be another of the candidates for victory.

In the women Annabel Luxford, Martina Kunz y Regula Rohrbach They are the main favorites.

Male and female start list

The test will start at the 6: 40 in the morning with the PRO male output, then the PROs will do it and after that the age groups. In total there will be more than Spanish 50 in competition.

Photo: Twitter Miquel Blanchart

There are no previous results.

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