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Miquel Blanchart «Skechers have everything an athlete needs to train seriously or improve your brands»

Miquel is one of the best runners in IRONMAN on the national and international scene and will try to return to the IRONMAN World Championship this year

We spoke with Miquel Blanchart, Catalan triathlete sponsored by Skecher Miquel is one of the best IRONMAN riders on the national and international scene and will try to return to this at the IRONMAN World Championship this year.

Tell us about your experience with Skechers, they are comfortable, light, value for money, etc.

I am going to tell you a bit about my experience with Skechers, the truth is that it is a fairly classic shoe, it is a shoe that really fits 95% percent of runners

It is aimed at people who like athletics, it is a shoe that It has the necessary characteristics that every athlete who wants to do a career needs. or want train a little seriously or want to get their best brands. The Skechers fit very well.

As for the models, you have the range Gorun Ride 7 . They are the ones that I use to train, they are shoes that tolerate many kilometers. They are light to be a training shoe and the truth that they go phenomenal.

Then you have others that are the Force, The Razor which are a little heavier and more resistant but the truth, but I'll take the Gorun ride.

Could you tell us a workout that you like to improve running speed?

I really like that of intervals , I think it's a training that works a lot, with the aim of look for the average speed of the race.

The intervals They would go from series of 200 to series of 400.Always on the running track. As for the asphalt, it is taking risks since it really loads a lot. What we are looking for here is to improve the ankle reaction a little, even to harden the muscles a little to transmit a little the elastic energy that we accumulate stride after stride and thus maintain a little cruising speed

The intervals could range from a progression of a single block of 8 or 10 series of 200 30 40 series 400 blocks 4, 5, 10 or even 12.

The objective is to look for the best possible average, ashort recovery between series almost 1-1, that is if I do 200 more or less in 35 '' you can recover about 40 seconds

If I do series of 300 in 52-55 seconds to recover 45 '' -1 minute and if I do series of 400 between 1: 10-15 to recover one minute, 1: 10-15.

Between blocks recover with a slightly longer pause or even make an active recovery.

MIquel Blanchart training with Skechers
MIquel Blanchart training with Skechers

And about IRONMAN, what is your favorite training?

It's not that I have a preferred training because what I do is really hard.

You're always more restless the days before, so I do a training very similar to the race . It would be a good ride on a bike and with a transition from one and a half to two hours or even a little more, looking for rhythms very close to those of race day or even faster.

Which Schekers model do you remember most fondly and why? Since when are you with the brand?

The one that I really liked are the Speed ​​5, I have only had a single pair of sneakers and now I have retired them.

Now I'm doing the highest quality trainings with the Speed ​​4 . They are the ones that have always enchanted me, from design to composition. Is a super lightweight shoe, a very planita and that has a good cushioning. It allows you to run very fast and I love the truth is that it is the best for me.

I use Schekers since 2017 and I have done my best time on foot with them. And I hope this year to repeat (laughs)

MIquel Blanchart with Skechers clothes
MIquel Blanchart with Skechers clothes

Madrid's North and South Race Have you ever run it? Which side do you bet on? Could you give us some advice for the race?

The race north south of Madrid I have never done it but I bet on the north side, because those from the north are always a little more tanned people (laughs) and well, and since I live more north than in the south, I bet on them ?

It is a race on asphalt, an urban race and as I always say the "almost you do not have to watch the clock and give everything to the finish line."

Any advice for people facing the dreaded IROMMAN marathon? How do they plan the race?

Well, I think that the marathon is the running race that should be less feared.

For me the fundamental thing is do not go hungry during the bike, nor go hungry during the running race, Nor have belly pains, not have gastrointestinal problems. This can be solved with good nutritional planning, having a good nutritionist and having a good supplementation is essential and must be taken “down to earth”.

The Ironman rhythms are residual rhythms and they will not be the ones you have been carrying on day by day, since obviously due to the accumulated fatigue in the cycling segment the rhythms are going to be a little adulterated in the marathon.

You will have to settle for run with the rhythms set plus ten fifteen seconds per kilometer.

Especially thinking about eating well, thinking about drinking well, cooling well and not having these types of mishaps that are the ones that can be avoided.

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