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Miriam Casillas, tenth in the Sarasota World Cup, which became duathlon

The test was finally disputed in the duathlon mode when the swimming segment could not be held due to Hurricane Michael

The town of Sarasota (United States) has welcomed the dispute of a new Opa of the World that has had Spanish participation in both male and female category

First the women took the start, with three Spaniards on the starting line, the Extremadura Miriam Casillas,  Anna Godoy y Sara Pérez Sala.

The best of them was Miriam Casillas, that since his return to the competition is performing very good results, finishing again in the top ten when finishing in tenth position. In the position 19º was classified Sara Pérez SalaWhile Anna Godoy did not finish the competition.

In this way, both Miriam and Sara again add points for the ranking for the Olympic qualification for Tokyo 2020, where the goal is to classify three women.

The women's podium was composed of the North American Tomlin y Kasper, which were shared gold and silver respectively in the final sprint, and with the Czech Ventula Frintova who achieved the bronze medal.

After the women's competition the 66 men took part in the men's race, with four Spaniards on the starting line, the Canary Vicente Hernández, the Galician Antonio Serrat, the Catalan Cesc Godoy and the Castilian manchego David Castro.

The final victory was for the Frenchman Vicent Luis, winner of the last round of the World Series disputed a few weeks ago in Gold Coast. The silver medal went to the Belgian Jelle Geens, while the bronze went to the Portuguese Joao Pereira

The best of the Spaniards was Vicente Hernández, who finished 29º, while Antonio Serrat was 40º, Cesc Godoy 53º and David Castro 54º

Fuentey Photo: Fetri

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