Noya, Mola and Alarza vs the Brownlee Brothers at the World Cup in Madrid

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It will be the first time this season that they will be seen in an ITU competition

The next 28 in May will be held Triathlon World Cup in Madrid where today they are on the provisional exit list, Javier Gómez Noya, 5 times World Champion, Alistair Brownlee, 2 times World Champion and double Olympic Champion, Mario Mola World Champion in 2016, Jonathan Brownee y Fernando Alarza that has not dropped from the fourth position this year.

The test that will be disputed over Olympic distance will be a nice duel between the different generations of triathletes , Javier Gómez Noya that leads the world ranking this year with a victory in Abu Dhabi (Olympic distance), it will be measured again Alistair Brownlee, recent winner in the Challenge Mogan in his debut in the middle distance. As for the rest of the participants, we can see Mario Mola winner in Gold Coast (Sprint distance), Fernando Alarza, third in Abu Dhabi and fourth the Gold Coast and Jonathan Brownlee Silver in Rio de Janeiro, which will debut this season in ITU test.

The rest of the Spanish participation is composed of Uxio Abuin, David Castro, Antonio Serrat, Ainhoa ​​Murua, Carolina Routier, Miriam Casillas o Anna Godoy among others, although a large Spanish participation is foreseen in both tests.

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