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New date for the 2ª edition of the Long Course Weekend Mallorca

The second edition of the Long Course Weekend Mallorca sports festival will be held from the 26 to the 29 of October of 2018

The first edition of Long Course Weekend Mallorca it was a participation success with more than 1.000 athletes competing among all the possibilities offered by this unique sports festival in Spain.

The victory in the test reigns, an Ironman divided in three days, (the first one was swimming 3800m, the second one traveled 172 km in bicycle and the third ended with the dispute of a marathon) was for Lucy Gossage (winner The Champisonship) and Tom Vickery

The competition format of this second edition of the LCW Mallorca it's the same, with 3 days of competition where a long distance triathlon will be held. The first day, Saturday 27 October will be the "Swim day", where participants can choose between different types of competitions in open water swimming: 750m, 1500m, 1900m or 3800m. The second day, the 28 Sunday of October, the "Bike day" there will be two options, a longer 172km route and a shorter 86 ok route. Finally on Monday 29 will be the "Running day" with four different racing options: 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon.

Each sport discipline will be developed individually during the weekend. The total times of each athlete during the 3 days, will decide the podium of the 3 best male and female athletes of the Long Course Weekend

The registration process is now open and you can take advantage of the reduced price until December's 31.

Video summary Long Course Weekend Mallorca 2017

Here we show the different distances in which you can participate in this second edition of the LCW Mallorca:

Swim Day

  • 3.800 meters
  • 1.900 meters
  • 1.500 meters
  • 750 meters

Bike Day

  • 172km
  • 86km

Run Day

  • Marathon
  • Half marathon
  • 10km
  • 5km

 Further information: http://www.lcwmallorca.com/es/

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