Mario Mola's options to be world champion for the third time

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With an eighth place in the Gold Coast WTS Grand Final, Mario Mola would be world champion for the third time in a row.

There are still to be disputed the Montreal WTS at the end of August, before the Grand Final of the WTS of Gold Coast in September and Mario Mola He is very on track to be world champion again, with a great advantage of points over his rivals.

Recall that in the face of the world title 5 scores better results in WTS besides the Grand Final, where it is mandatory to run this test.

Today Mario Mola has 4.850 points, fruit of its three wins (Edmonton, Hamburg and Yokohama) and the the 2nd posts from Leeds and Abu Dhabi. Its most dangerous rival is French Vicent Luis, who has 3.810 points.

Mario Mola collage

The Montreal World Series

In the hypothetical case that Mario not score or not run in the Montreal WTS and there the French managed to win, would add a toral 4.314 that is to say that Mola in the worst case, it would reach Gold Coast with an advantage of 536 points.

What result would Mario need to be world champion in the Grand Final?

Una octava posición, is the minimum result that Mario He would have to do to depend on himself. Being eighth in Gold Coast are 724 points, which added to those already had 5.574 total, unattainable figure for Luis who as much could get to 5.564.

Mario Mola is showing a great regularity in recent years, with numbers like those of Javier Gomez Not now.

In his last 25 competitions he has been top 8 in 24 occasions, that is, the result he needs in Gold Coast to be the world champion.

ITU photos: Tomy Zaferes and Wagner Araujo

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