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Another story of overcoming: a stomachless triathlete is challenged to finish an IRONMAN 70.3

After an operation where your stomach was removed, tomorrow you will take the exit at the IM 70.3 Florida

The North American athlete Dylan Davison, will participate in the IM 70.3 of Florida, after having undergone an operation where they extracted the stomach.

In October, 2017, Dylan Davison, was diagnosed with hereditary diffuse gastric cancer. It is a type of cancer that affects the walls of the stomach producing a thickening, but without forming tumors that distinguish it. This cancer appears between the 14 and 69 years of age, with the 38 years being the average age of onset

«It is difficult to detect, that's why they recommend surgery", Explained Dylan, who lives in Johns Island, South Carolina, and has three children.

After the diagnosis, Dylan underwent surgery in January of 2018, where his stomach was completely removed and the esophagus was adhered to the small intestine.

He commented, "They remove your stomach completely and adhere the esophagus to the small intestine ... Your body has to go through a period of very difficult adaptation. You have to learn to chew food differently, chew and chew a little more, more portions and smaller", In an interview to the site

image003-2 Another story of overcoming: a stomach-less triathlete challenges to finish an IRONMAN 70.3 News Triathlon
Dylan Davison before the operation (WCIV)

After recovering from the operation and seeing that he could walk every time, more began to run and realized that he began to lose weight and gain muscle so he began to swim, to ride the bicycle and little by little He set a goal, competing in an IM 70.3 this coming Sunday in Florida.

"At the beginning, after the operation, I was very negative and fell. I did not know if I would ever play sports again. Thinking about running was difficult, because I was having trouble eating and drinking. The turning point came approximately at six weeks, when I made longer walks and started running, and then I started swimming a bit, and I realized something was happening.

image002-4 Another story of overcoming: a stomach-less triathlete challenges to finish an IRONMAN 70.3 News Triathlon
Dylan Davison after the operation (WCIV)

As my heart rate increased, my body was more desperate to receive food, so my weight began to decrease at a slower rate, I began to develop muscle. So I said: 'I need to set some goals.' I did a short triathlon, a longer triathlon, and now, an Ironman 70.3"Davison said.

Just over a year after undergoing the operation in which his stomach was removed, he will take the start at the Ironman 70.3 Florida.

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