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Patrick Lange will compete against Gustav Iden, Kristian Blummenfelt and Casper Stornes in a "hunting triathlon"

Two-time Hawaii winner Patrick Lange will compete against reigning 70.3 world champion Gustav Iden

Patrick Lange will compete on July 19 in the so-called «Hunting race » in Austria as part of a relay against the best Norwegian athletes such as Gustav Iden, Kristian Blummenfelt y Casper Stornes.

Three weeks after his start in competition at the Hessian Broadcasting , in which he shared relays in the middle distance with Andreas Raelert y Anne Haug, Lange will compete again on July 19 in another race against the clock, but in long distance

It will be in Podersdorf am See, (Austria), less than an hour's drive southeast of Vienna, in a relay race called » Jagdrennen" , where several teams will be starting in different batches to get to the last part of the test as close as possible to see an exciting ending.

Patrick Lange will cover the first 3,8 kilometers of swimming

The Norwegians Gustav Iden, Kristian Blummenfelt y Casper Stornes The third parties will come out, while the team of Patrick Lange will be the last to leave.

The goal of the race is for all teams to get as close as possible shortly before the end of the race, thus creating an exciting finish.

The race will be broadcast live via 


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