Pontevedra presents its candidacy for the Grand Final of the 2027 World Series

Pontevedra, a city that beats to the rhythm of the triathlon, has officially launched its candidacy to host the Grand finale of the Triathlon World Series 2027 the year.

This news has generated a wave of enthusiasm both in the local sports community and internationally, further consolidating the special bond between the Galician city and the world of triathlon.

A Tradition of Excellence in Event Organization

Pontevedra is no stranger to organizing world-class triathlon events.

After the resounding success of the World Cup Grand Final in 2023 and the anticipation surrounding the 2025 Multisport World Cup, Pontevedra is once again emerging as an ideal setting to host competitions of this magnitude.

The city has demonstrated its ability to host events that not only challenge athletes with its demanding swimming, cycling and running courses, but also delight spectators and visitors with its natural beauty and hospitality.

Commitment and Vision for 2027

Pontevedra's candidacy for 2027 has been promoted by the mayor, Miguel Anxo Fernandez Lores, who highlighted the city's aspiration to host the most important triathlon event in the world for the second time.

With the creation of the Multisport World Cup Organizing Committee, Pontevedra is not only preparing for the 2025 event, but also laying the foundations for its future candidacy, ensuring that all aspects of the event, from logistics to the experience of the participants, are executed perfectly.

The city of Pontevedra

The recognition of Pontevedra as one of the world triathlon capitals is due not only to its proven organizational excellence, but also to the support of its inhabitants towards this sport.

Impact and Repercussion in the Spanish Triathlon

The potential selection of Pontevedra as the venue for the Grand Final in 2027 would have a significant impact on Spanish triathlon, reaffirming Spain's position as a leader in the organization of international sporting events.

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