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At the doors of the Running Party in Bilbao with the EDP Bilbao Night Marathon

The ninth EDP Bilbao Night Marathon has been officially presented on the next October 21

At twilight on Saturday, October 21, the great running party of Bilbao will take place, the EDP Bilbao Night Marathon. An edition, the ninth, full of novelties that have begun to be unveiled this morning at the Euskalduna Palace. We are talking about a first-class international event, a benchmark for stride addicts; the athletic event with the highest participation in Bizkaia.

The presentation ceremony was chaired by the Councilor for Youth and Sports of the Bilbao City Council, Ohiane Aguirregoitia, the Head of Sales of the EDP Group in the Basque Country, Miguel Ángel Grande, and Iñigo Elarre, director of the EDP Bilbao Night Marathon.

The test will have runners from the five continents, being represented 49 countries, five more than last year. For the fourth consecutive year the 10.000 runners will be overcome. More than 40% of participants come from outside Bizkaia, leaving an economic impact in the city of more than two million euros. One of the most spectacular data is that of female participation. Adding the three distances the girls will represent the 30% of the attendees.

Another of the strong points is the premiere of the Esplanade of San Mamés as the start of the race that will facilitate in the future the possibility of expanding the capacity that is currently limited. He Guggenheim will be the Goal as every year since its inception.

The organizer of the event, Iñigo Elarre, defines it as "a popular sport festival in Bizkaia and a very important tourist attraction; During the weekend there will be more than 3.000 overnight stays, "adding that in this edition the Expokirolak Fair will include other sports such as trail or triathlon, as well as running, which will mean more than 60 exhibitors at the Euskalduna Palace between Friday 20 and Sunday 22 October.

Official presentation EDP Bilbao Night Marathon

Before concluding his speech Elarre had words of thanks for his team: "He works all year for the event to promote the event and to develop it as well as possible. To see the dimension of that effort simply observe the numbers of the test: more than 1.200 people working the day of the race, 50.000 liters of liquid product for the participants, over 3.000 fences and 2.000 cones to signal the route and the exit areas and goal ..., without forgetting the collaboration of the Municipal Police, Public Space, Cleaning Service, Circulation and many other departments of the City Council that make this unique test possible at European level. "

As in previous editions EDP Bilbao Night Marathon will have a marked solidarity character. Within its social commitment, it will allocate more than 50.000 euros in contributions to the sports clubs of Bilbao and Bizkaia that actively participate in the test as volunteers, in addition to the usual donations to UNICEF and Caritas Bizkaia.

Miguel Ángel Grande, representative at the table of EDP, main sponsor, stressed the commitment of his company with Bilbao and with this test that will continue to sponsor up to 2019.

Registrations are still open on the web www.edpbilbaomarathon.com until Sunday October 16 for the last laggards. During the next days the organization will reveal the names of the athletes who will take part in the three distances.

There will be high level African participation in both 21,097 and 42,195 m. At the moment a name has already come to the fore. It's about the Moroccan Hassan Oubadi, athlete settled in Bizkaia, who has confirmed his commitment to the half marathon; is accredited in 7: 57.44 in 3.000 m, 13: 49 in 5.000 m, 29: 55 in 10 km and 46: 49 in 15 km.

Further information: https://www.edpbilbaomarathon.com/

Photos: Facebook Edp Bilbao Marathon

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