The preview of IRONMAN Portugal. Schedules and where to see it live

This Saturday, October 21, the coastal city of Cascais will be the scene of a new edition of the IRONMAN Portugal, one of the proofs of the franchise that has grown the most in recent years 

Favorites in the male category 

In the men's category, the competition promises to be fierce, but there are some names that stand out above the rest.  

The German Patrick Lange He is one of them, known for his incredible ability in the running stage and his title of two-time Ironman world champion.  

Not far from him, we find the Australian Cameron Wurf, who is especially strong in cycling and has proven to be a formidable competitor in previous events.  

And we cannot forget the Belgian Pieter Heemeryck, who has shown consistent performance in all disciplines and is known for his intelligent race strategy.  

Favorites in the female category 

The women's category is also full of talent and potential.  

Anne Reichmann from Germany is a favorite, known for her strength on the bike leg and her ability to maintain a consistent pace throughout the race.  

Nikki Bartlett from the UK is another strong contender, especially after her recent victory at Ironman Wales, putting her in a great position for this event.  

And finally, olivia mitchell from Ireland is an emerging athlete who has shown great potential, especially in swimming and running 

See departure list  

Spanish participation 

The Spanish representation at IRONMAN Portugal is worthy of mention, with several athletes willing to give their all in Cascais. 

Antonio Benito that debuts in the distance is one of the names to follow. Victor Arroyo will also be on the starting line and Marta Sanchez in the women's event, 

This is the complete list of Spaniards in the test  


Dorsal Number  Athlete's Name  Country Represented 
10  Anthony Benito Lopez  ESP (Spain) 
23  Victor Arroyo Bugallo  ESP (Spain) 
39  Juan Ignacio Villarruel Curra  ESP (Spain) 
40  Amaury Dehez  ESP (Spain) 
45  Vicenç Castellà Serra  ESP (Spain) 
50  Juan Pedro Garcia Ochoa  ESP (Spain) 
54  Axel beci  ESP (Spain) 


Dorsal Number  Athlete Name  Country Represented 
87  Marta Sanchez  ESP (Spain) 

The Tour and News

The IRONMAN Portugal course is known for its beauty and challenge, passing through the Portuguese Riviera, Guincho Beach and the Sintra National Park.

But this year, organizers have decided to add an additional element of excitement and competition: the “King and Queen of the Mountain.”

King and Queen of the Mountain

This new addition to the event is a competition within the competition, specifically in the cycling stage.

This is a steep climb that triathletes will have to complete in the shortest time possible. The man and woman who manage to do it the fastest will be crowned the “King” and “Queen” of the mountain, respectively.

Award: Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT

But that is not all. The winners of this mini-competition will receive a Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT, a high-end cycle computer that is very popular among triathletes and cyclists for its multiple functionalities and aerodynamic design.


The event will take place this Saturday, October 21 and will begin at 7:30 AM, (8:30 in Spain) 

Where to see it live? 

The event will be broadcast live and free of charge on the platform Outside Watch.  

Additionally, coverage will be available on demand for members of outside. 

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